Cloudstratus – Like Running on Clouds

If you have ever bought shoes for running or even walking, most of the shoes on the market don’t really have the best cushioned support. On, the Swiss shoe company, has always strived to ensure their shoes have lots of cushioning so that it helps runners achieve long distances in comfort. Their basic concept, when they were developing shoes, was a cushioned landing and a firm take-off.

Their newest shoe on the market, the Cloudstratus, has double the cushioning with the dual Cloudtec system. But what does this mean for the runner? These new kicks give the maximum cushion support to the runner which in turn increases performance and run. Although there is more support in the shoe, it doesn’t slow anyone down and in fact, makes you want to run even further. The Dual Cloudtec system work together for enhanced vertical and horizontal cushioning, distributing pressure with each landing and keeping you in control of your run. According to the makers of the shoe, the first layer collapses when your foot first hits the ground and the second layer helps to absorb more impact and adds extra propulsion with each step. On has also given this shoe a wider base to add more stability for runners.

The Cloud also has an added patented Speedboard technology inserted between the mid-sole and upper layer, which means you’ll feel less impact with each step and can achieve more running. The Cloud is perfect for medium-long road runs and is also suitable for wide feet. This shoe comes in two colors and is available for $169.99.

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