Champ Stool – Chair And Cooler In One

What’s better than relaxing on a comfortable stool? Why drinking a cold beer while relaxing on a comfortable stool of course. The Champ Stool multipurpose stool that can be used a small table, a container for storage, or it an even be used as a cooler to keep food and snacks chilled.

When using it as a chair, you can select the top to be either solid oak wood or walnut wood. Both options have a flat surface or you can select between cork, or the various colored pads to use it as a chair/stool. The body of the Champ Stool is thick allowing your ice to stay frozen for longer and keeping your drinks such as beer, girly coolers, champagne, sparkling wine, juice, and sodas ice cold.


If you happen to purchase multiple Champ Stools, the stools can easily be stacked and making them much easier to transport or move around the house. The body of the Champ Stool is available in a number of colors including black, green, and white. The cushion is also available in a number of colors like white, gray, yellow, red, and pink.

The Champ Stool is available for a 150 Euros.







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