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Camera Lens vs The Human Eye

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You know what I find absolutely amazing? The human eye. It’s a beautiful piece of engineering shaped through millions of years of evolution here on Earth. It allows us to see, yes… but it’s also the window to our soul. Striking and unique to each of us. Read More →

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London is now home to gourmet food, sourced around the world and served up on pop up stalls to your watering mouth. At the forefront of the current trend are Churros Garcia with their intense range of Spanish flavors- the most famous of all being sweet twists of dough covered in cinnamon and doused in dark dipping chocolate (churros con chocolate). Their design is a distinctive as their Read More →

Play Like a Professional Gambler

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Professional gamblers are fascinating to most of us. David Benyamine, a professional gambler originally from France, says he owes his estimated double digit in millions of wealth to the world of professional gambling and prefers the highest stakes games for cash.  He’s also known as Napoleon and Degenyamine in professional gambling circles. According to former fiancée Erica Schoenberg (also a professional gambler), David loves to spend hours making online bets. Watch this video to see his special comfy chairs and room arrangement for playing online when he can’t get to a live casino! Read More →

New Cars And Futuristic Technologies

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The automobile has been around for over a hundred years; and no we’re not driving around in flying cars as we were promised so long ago. Although progress has been steadily made in the auto industry, it has only been the last 10 or so years that we’ve seen major innovation come to the auto industry.

Innovations such as reliable all-electric cars, small and very fuel efficient turbocharged gasoline/diesel engines, and even fully automated self-driving cars. Although cars that drive themselves won’t be in your driveway in the next few years, other technologies are already making life easier for drivers. Technologies like Ford’s MyFord Touch system, that let you talk to your car without the need for taking your eyes off the road or hands off the steering wheel. Read More →

New Age Business Technology

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Businesses are always searching for the next big thing in technology, something that will speed up production and help them reach more customers quickly and effectively. New developments in computer and information technology are appearing every year, requiring businesses to adapt and modify their infrastructure to make use of these Read More →

Technologies You Forgot About…

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While new, groundbreaking technologies are often excitingly heralded as the most technologically advanced product ever to be made, it stands to reason that there are lots of forgotten technologies that failed to live up to their hype. However, there is a whole host of old technologies that have been updated and tweaked that still play a key role in day-to-day life, such as light bulbs, the telephone and medicines. Read More →

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What gives with online gambling?

Research just published in the po-faced (not poker faced!) Journal of Gaming Studies shows key differences in men and women’s online gambling. The research found that women tend to have shorter online gambling careers than men, enjoy shorter gambling sessions and, most significantly, feel guiltier about it. Read More →

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All business owners will tell you the same thing – a business never sleeps. If a company of any size starts to rest on its laurels, thinking that they’re successful and no longer need to put in the hard yards, they’ll soon find that competitors that may never have even heard of have evolved and blown them out of the water. Read More →