What Is A Tech Garment?

We live in an age of technological advancement mushrooming all around us, and it is so wonderful to watch humanity progress bit by bit. Technology is taking over even the most unlikely aspects of our lives, and there is no better example for this than in the world of fashion and clothing. The concept of tech garments has always existed in science-fiction or superhero movies, and we are the first generation to watch it come to real life. There is a whole new field within textiles called e-textiles.

E-textiles, also known as electronic textiles, smart garments or smart fabrics, are fabrics that enable electronic components to be embedded in them. This can include lights, small computers, batteries and other lifestyle improvement electronics. They usually provide significant added value to the user, and have the ability to communicate with the user. Typically, there are two broad uses for smart garments, aesthetic and performance improving.

We are seeing more and more companies experimenting and playing around with the concept of smart garments, both to improve style and performance. We can already see some examples of smart garments in the form of smart watches, smart glasses and such that track our heart rates and encourage us to exercise, pay for our groceries and receive calls for us. However, let us look into some more futuristic experiments companies are trying out in smart garments:

  • Google’s Project Jacquard

Levi recently released a commuter trucker jacket in collaboration with tech giant Google. This smart jacket enables its user to operate it using touch and gesture with certain sensitive areas on the jacket sleeve. The user will be able to use a wide variety of apps such as music, maps and Google Fit. You will also be able to receive and reject calls, ask Google Maps for directions if you’re biking or running, all without reaching for your phone or watch.

  • Ambiotex

This smart shirt is meant for use by athletes and sports enthusiasts. So if you are into the fitness lifestyle, you will be able to utilise this shirt for your fitness needs, whether you need it to measure your heart rate variability, anaerobic threshold, as well as general fitness levels. It will also indicate your stress levels if you are sedentary so you can be aware of what’s happening inside your body.

You can view all the data on your phone, and also sync the shirt with your existing fitness apps and get accurate training and instructions on the go, that is tuned according to your personal biometric data.

  • Owlet Smart Sock

This adorable little sock had a previous version that was super successful, and now they’re back with their new and improved product. Owlet Sock allows you to strap it on to your baby’s foot, and it will give you real-time data about your little one, including sleeping habits and breathing rate, and making sure his/her breathing hasn’t been interrupted.

Newer improvements include improved Bluetooth sensitivity and range, and better sensors to prevent any misses. It can also help you diagnose potential health hazards such as pneumonia, bronchiolitis, chronic lung disorders and sleep irregularities. You can rest assured that your little one will be perfectly safe and sound if you buy this smart garment!

The future of smart garment technology is going to be very bright. We can only imagine what more marvels from science-fiction movies are going to become a reality of our future lives!




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