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Keeping our laptop with us at all times is what working means to us these days. You can either place it on your lap, on a table or even any platform that allows you to work. However, apart from your lap, rest other platforms aren’t portable and convenient at all times. You cannot carry a table or a platform wherever you want to sit and work.

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EPSOM VS BROTHER: Who prints better?

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One thing which has silently but surely held on to its use and significance even today, are the printers. Be it a print out of reports for the scheduled meeting or some important forms or just the vacation photos for the wall, printers are an integral need for both personal and professional use. However, with hundreds of different brands available in the market, choosing one can be overwhelming. To decide what type of printer is best for you, there are various points you’ll need to evaluate. What adds to the confusion are the varying technologies, price tags, functionalities?

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When it comes to computer printing there are basically two different types of printing technologies that are being used in the printers today; inkjet and laser. Both of them have their pluses and minuses. Each one of the technologies is best suited for a certain type of print jobs. It is extremely important to be sure that you have matched the right type of printing for your needs.

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If you are hoping to purchase a brand-new desktop computer there were a number of top considerations that you need to keep in mind so that you can get the best performance on the market. Here are some of the top three considerations that you should plan for when you are purchasing a brand-new computer:

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3 Exciting Tech Launches for January 2019

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January of 2019 sets to be a big month for new technology. With many companies launching new products at CES, there is a wide selection of products that you should keep your eye out for starting in the new year. Here are three exciting tech launches planned for January 2019: Read More →

Is There a Place For High Tech in Baby Gear?

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This generation of parents can benefit from a wide range of tools that can improve the process of raising children. Technology is truly making its way into the bedroom of babies across the world. With a new generation of parents that are all well versed with technology use, it’s no wonder that they are regularly looking for a helping hand in raising kids too. There is certainly a place for high tech in baby gear today and some of the best new devices that you should consider include: Read More →

E-bike vs Regular bike

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If you are stuck on the idea of purchasing an E bike or a regular bike, there are a number of big things to consider when choosing between these two purchases. Here are some of the main reasons to choosing a bike or to choose a regular bike: Read More →

Why you should choose a tablet over a laptop

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Tablets today have gotten extremely advanced and a number of people are ditching their laptops in favor of tablets or even larger smart phones. If you are considering a new laptop purchase you might instead want to change over to a tablet for some of these top reasons and more:

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