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What Makes a Great Gaming TV?

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For those who love gaming, the experience isn’t only the system, the games, or the adventures that lie within the stories, it also hinges on the total sensory quality. The best gaming experience requires a TV that will make all your gaming friends envious. The picture quality, resolution, sound, and little extras can take an average game and make it a life-altering experience. Read More →

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When you purchase a new phone or upgrade your handset, you will also be offered the opportunity to purchase insurance with your new mobile deal. If you have spent a lot on the handset, it is likely that you will want as much cover for as little as possible.

But it is particularly important with smartphones to make sure you get the right insurance, as they are not only expensive but hold so much of our important and private information as well as invaluable pictures and videos. If something were to happen to it, at least it will soften the blow to know that you are insured. Read More →

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Wearable technology is nothing new. Apple may be doing their best to convince us that the Apple Watch is where it’s at, but the truth is that people have been wearing assistive technologies for hundreds of years. Of course, it’s been a while since a couple of ground lenses and a pair of hooks were seen as something new, but it’s not just glasses that are old hat (and of course, Google have done their bit to upgrade that particular technology recently). Read More →

progressive automation

So, here’s the deal: linear motion is the movement of energy in a straight line without any interruption. Unlike circular motion where the energy is in revolution; linear motion will always be in motion unless obstructed by friction. Linear Motion Systems (actuators) are mostly applied by engineers, designers, and manufacturing industries because of their guaranteed performance and they are easy to use. The system is useful in education in the following ways: Read More →

The WOW! Computer

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Since technology has become such a crucial element in the today’s world, many seniors think they are left behind or classify themselves as technophobes. For those suffering from anxiety due to computer use, here is a new computer that can make them feel more comfortable around their phobia. It will help them become more curious, learn more about technology, and not freak out if something goes wrong. Read More →

Advantages Of A SIM-Only Deal

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These days we can’t live without out phones and our faces are constantly locked onto our screens whether we are with company or alone. Depending on what part of the world you live in, your mobile service is either extremely expensive like in Canada or on the very inexpensive side like Pakistan or India. For the ten years of having a mobile phone, I’ve always stuck with 2-3 year contracts with my cellular service providers and let me tell you, the bills add up! I find it disgusting that I have to pay over $100 a month just to have a phone and some data. Time to to switch it up and look into Sim Only Deals! Read More →

tv wall mount for video gaming

When you’re faced with the challenge of selecting the best TV wall mount for your home, you may find the options daunting. However, if you do some simple homework, as well as identify what features will maximize your viewing pleasure, then the process becomes Read More →

How To Revive A Broken Laptop

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There is nothing more heartbreaking than breaking the screen on your laptop. Whether it is your own fault, someone else’s fault, or just one of those unfortunate incidents where no one is really to blame, pointing the finger and getting angry and upset does nothing to bring your broken laptop back to life. However new laptops are expensive, so the ability to replace your broken screen is a great way to resurrect your damaged machine and also avoid having to break into your savings. Read More →