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The Tech Behind Great eSports Athletes

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So, you fancy yourself a Gamer, eh? Your hand-eye coordination is tip-top but do you have the gear to be competitive with actual eLeaguers? We’ll see … Let’s look at some key components and build a bad-ass gaming system that won’t break the bank. Read More →

5 Tips to Repair Your PC

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The computer is such an integral part of our daily lives, that if anything goes wrong with it, we panic. Many things go wrong because systems are varied and because users seem to fall into an endless number of blunders. Troubleshooting the way back into a working machine can be aggravating. Here are some things to try before you contact the professionals: Read More →

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For many, connecting to the internet in 2017 has generally been better than how it was in the past year. The new technological developments, better government policies, and business competition have led to generally better options for consumers. To better appreciate how things in the broadband industry have changed, get acquainted with some of the most important changes and developments that have happened or are taking place in the broadband sector. Read More →

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A high proportion of the population now owns an iPad. After all, the handy little device is great for surfing the net, checking your email, and playing games. And there are thousands of apps you can download for your mini computer. However, when you do get an iPad, you need to check out the accessories. After all, there are so many unique ones you can buy which makes it so much more than a small device. Therefore, here are some ultimate accessories you need for your tablet! Read More →

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When is it time to replace your hot water system? This is a question with many answers. Below is a list of what to watch out for to help you know just when it’s time to change your water heater, before it’s too late. Read More →

What is a Tilt Tray and How is it Used?

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Trucks with a flatbed that tilts are often called tilt trucks. These trucks are often seen on the motorway, carrying loads from cars to farm equipment, and they allow bulky items to be transported easily. Many towing companies use tow trucks with a tilt tray as they can carry several tons, and provide an easy and convenient way to carry all sorts of loads. Here is some information about tilt trays and why their design makes moving heavy items easier. Read More →

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Keeping all the electrical fixtures and appliances in good working order is extremely important. Sometimes malfunctions can occur which need to be fixed – electrical problems should be fixed as quickly as possible to ensure that homeowners are kept safe and comfortable. Read More →

Seagate Innov8, 8 TB Desktop Hard Drive

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Although external hard drives generally have slower data transfer rates when compared to internally mounted hard drives but they do provide larger storage options and portable design. With 8TB of storage Seagate Inno8 is the best storage solution available. Use it as a backup for your important files or to store your favorite music, photos and videos. It can be connected to your computer via a reversible USB-C cable that powers as well transfers data between the drives. Read More →