Car Troubles Soon to be Solved via Drone

Drones during the past few years have seen an increase in responsibilities. Instead of mere cameras flying in the sky, autonomous drones found work in delivering goods door to door. These delivery drones started with smaller items, such as fast food, medicine, and books. In the near future however, drones may even deliver car parts to you when you need it.

Droning on Car Troubles

When it comes to car troubles, it can be a difficult situation while on the road. A single issue such as a flat tire can leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere. What can you do?

In the past, you have to call a repair shop and wait until their dispatched mechanic can reach your location. Roadside assistance has been around for decades, and even though the methods of contacting them have improved, the end result is still the same. People will have to wait until they arrive. This can be quite troublesome – you may be in a very remote area, or a mechanic may not be anywhere nearby. You can be stuck for hours without any hope of repairing the car yourself. For those who dread the idea of being stuck somewhere facing car troubles, a new drone service may just be for you.

Roadside Assistance from Above

A new idea involves drones delivering car parts such as wheels to you during these troubling times. Instead of waiting for a car mechanic to come along (which could take hours), calling a drone and dropping a package cuts the waiting time by a mile.

The mind behind this idea is Quaternium Technologies, a rising name in the drone world. Their drones have enough lifting power to carry a full tire from their service centers right to your car. In fact, they claim that you can get your spare tire minutes after contacting them via an app on your phone.

Would this idea become more common as drones acquire more lifting power? Will roadside nightmares be a thing of the past?




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