Bug Bite Thing – A “Vacuum” For Bug Bites

I recently came back from Australia just as their summer season was coming to an end. I miss the great food, great views, and amazing coffee but there is one thing I didn’t miss. And you already know what that is…bug bites. Despite all the crazy things you hear about massive Australian insects, the only annoying encounter I had was with the bloody mosquitoes. One of the many mosquito bites was pretty bad and when I have a mosquito bite, I naturally want to squeeze the bump area. With the Bug Bite Thing, the device will apparently suck the poison right out.

Using the Bug Bite Thing is supposed to be pretty simple. Once you can confirm that you’ve been bitten, first you remove the stinger if the insect happen to leave it behind. Once that’s done, you simply apply the small pump over the area of the bite and give it a few pumps. The device will actually suck out all the poison that would otherwise create discomfort for you. Pretty cool, right? If it actually works that is.

The device can be used for bites of all sizes as long as the creatures you encounter don’t actually rip any flesh off of you. The Bug Bite Thing can be reused to it’s great to take on road trips, camping trips, hikes, and to the beaches. This is also ideal for those are anti-chemicals and refuse to use any form of sprays, creams, and ointments. It won’t stop the bites but at least it will relieve your suffering. The Bug Bite Thing is available on Amazon for just $9.95.




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