Book Delivery via Drone Planned by Google

On the lighter side of news, Google plans to use drones to deliver a book to each child in Christiansburg, Virginia.

The project hopes to increase literacy among children in their target areas. It also has the potential to be a productive hobby for kids to cultivate.

A Lot of Free Time

Because of the recent Coronavirus pandemic, schools everywhere shut down for the time being. Plenty of students found themselves with free time around their homes. While this was an excellent opportunity to do something productive, most simply passed the time with video games and social media.

With this book delivery project, Google’s Alphabet hopes that by eliminating the need to go to the library, reading books may sound more appealing. In fact, the same logic applies to food deliveries by drones. Plenty of countries have started testing the waters for drone delivery. The idea of an autonomous drone bringing you food – without any human contact – is a game changer. This encourages more people to try the product, while also catering to society’s greatest craving – convenience.

Book Delivered to your Door

With all these free periods, and with summer vacation approaching, a child’s mind can very easily go into hibernation mode. Plenty of distractions can attract any student’s attention. Without any proactive attempts at learning, odds are they will spend most of their time procrastinating. A book delivered to your door by a drone may not be as radical as it sounds, but the concept is solid.

Due to restrictions, social distancing, and vacation approaching, it is very unlikely that a child chooses the library as their destination for the summer. Bringing books right to their doorstep can help provide them access to books they may not have otherwise. Google hopes that students will find more time reading and learning instead of their usual routines.




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