Awesome Fruit Animations by Alexander Zapadenko

cute animated pear gifMoving pictures, or animated gif pictures that have a small section moving, have become quite popular recently.  I have seen some pictures with people as their subject and their hair is moving or their eyes are blinking but I haven’t seen anything as cute as the “Crazy Fruits” series of animated gifs created by Ukrainian designer Alexander Zapadenko.

The series consists of various fruits that are looking at you with big puppy eyes, as if they’re saying please don’t eat us and according to the designer, that’s exactly what the fruits are saying and he says not to believe them.  Hit the jump to see the rest of the crazy fruits animated gifs.

 cute animated cherries gifcute animated banana gifcute animated green apple gifcute animated lemon gifcute animated red apple gifcute animated watermelon gifcute animated fruits




6 comments on “Awesome Fruit Animations by Alexander Zapadenko”

  1. when i try and copy and past for my assignment they dont blink :'( i was really hopeing they would, im dissapointed!! and dont worry your still in my bibliograopy

  2. Hi,
    I love these fruit animations and wanted to ask you if you could upload the strawberry one and also could you please make orange, peach, avacado and cantalopue ones too. I think these are so cute.
    Thanks, Shirley


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