All Round Privacy Protection

Most people have their entire lives and very vital personal information in their phones, hence making privacy and security a common need for most phones. LEO Privacy Guard is an android mobile app that has the ability keep all your private information away from prying eyes. With LEO Privacy Guard you are in a position to lock anything you wish on your phone from apps to contacts and messages.

Set up

LEO Privacy Guard has quite a simple set up. All you have to do after you have downloaded the app is open the app then set your own password so that you are the only one in a position to make any other changes concerning the app. It has various password set-up options which include pattern password, word password or a pin code. With LEO Privacy Guard you don’t have to worry about forgetting your password and not being in a position to access the app since it gives you a security question for alternative accessing.


LEO Privacy Guard is quite easy to use and it is also free to download. One noticeable feature you can’t miss about LEO Privacy Guard is the tiny aliens that appear partly at every edge of your phone’s screen. Clicking on the tiny aliens opens a grid of selected sponsored apps that you can install. These are the only ads you come across during the entire apps experience. However, there are other banner ads that appear at the bottom of the app, but they are barely noticeable. LEO Privacy Guard has a cartoonish kind of a design. Some people however find the cartoonish idea a bit childish. The best part about LEO Privacy Guard is the fact that it has an App Lock feature that allows you to lock all the apps you desire using the very password you used to protect the app from foreign modifications. All you have to do is tap on the App Lock feature then select all the apps you desire to protect.

When you open the app or any protected feature on the phone a splash screen is supposed to appear with a blank space where you can enter your password. However, Review Leo Privacy Guard has major delay issues before the password screen appears when you want to access a protected feature. You can access information from a locked app for nearly three seconds before the app prompts you to enter your password. The app also has a Boost feature that is responsible for cleaning your RAM so as to ensure your phone runs faster. It also has a Protection feature that notifies you when your phone senses any security risk. LEO Privacy Guard also has an App Cover feature that gives you the ability to add more security options to any protected apps for example you can opt to receive an error message or a fake phone call whenever there is an intruding attempt to any protected app or feature. However, this feature slows down the app opening duration before being prompted to enter your password.

Pro and cons

LEO Privacy Guard is quite easy to set up and use and it is also a decent form of security protection. While as on the other hand the delay between opening an app and being prompted to enter your password makes this app less reliable when it comes to protecting vital information.





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