13+ Lucrative Tech Side Hustles to Boost Your Income

Hey there, tech aficionados! I totally understand the hustle – you’re on a virtual treasure hunt for clever strategies to leverage those killer computer skills for some extra cash.

I’ve been in those shoes, tirelessly combing through the digital wilderness. Did you catch that staggering stat? Nearly half of our workforce is now embracing the freelance life. Well, hold on to your keyboards because my deep-dive into the gig economy has revealed some real gems.

What’s coming up is essentially a treasure map pointing you toward ten tech side hustles with the potential to significantly bulk up your bank balance. Intrigued about taking your earnings to new heights? Tag along as we explore together!

Key Takeaways

Tech side hustles can earn good money, like web developers making around $75 per hour on Upwork.

Different tech skills offer different opportunities, from testing software to teaching gaming strategies.

You can work on these side gigs from home and fit them into your schedule, even if you have a full-time job or are studying.

Some folks have turned their tech side hustles into big successes; for example, the creator of Flappy Bird earned thousands of dollars daily.

Learning new tech skills through courses and practicing can help you start your own lucrative side hustle.

Understanding Tech Side Hustles

Tech Side Hustles 1

Tech side hustles are a cool way to make extra cash using what you already know about computers and the internet. Think of it like this: You’ve got skills, right? Maybe you’re good at building websites, or perhaps you’re a whiz at making things look pretty on social media.

These aren’t just fun hobbies—they can fill up your wallet too!

I found out that the average web developer can earn $75 an hour on Upwork. That’s real money for doing something you might enjoy! And if you’re into SEO, keeping up with Google’s latest rules could mean helping websites climb higher in search results.

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This is big because when sites rank well, they get more visitors, and companies will pay nicely for your help.

Now, let’s say writing is your thing; mixing tech know-how with catchy words could land you copywriting gigs. Even better if it’s about gadgets or coding—topics geeks love!

And guess what? Helping folks out as tech support isn’t just kind—there’s demand for it, and that means opportunity. The Bureau of Labor Statistics says these jobs are growing fast.

So let me tell ya – whether it’s fixing bugs or playing esports, there’s probably something techy that suits you perfectly as a side hustle. Alright! Ready to dive into which ones might make your bank account smile? Let’s go check out the top 10 lucrative tech side hustles next….

Top 10 Lucrative Tech Side Hustles

Tech Side Hustles 3

Hey, fellow geeks and side hustle enthusiasts! Let’s dive straight into a world where your tech skills can be the golden ticket to boosting that bank balance – without quitting the day job.

Imagine turning your passion for pixels or coding conundrums into cold hard cash; from tapping into the ever-growing webiverse as a designer to trading crypto like a Wall Street wolf in Silicon Valley pajamas.

These aren’t just pipe dreams, folks—so buckle up as we enter the techno-verse of top-dollar gigs on the side.

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Web Development and Design

I’ve got to tell you, web development and design are like having a magic wand in the tech world. You create cool layouts, build user-friendly websites, and watch them come alive on the web.

It’s not just fun – it’s super useful for businesses too. They need awesome web pages that grab attention and make people want to stay.

Guess what? The demand is huge! Companies are always looking for talented folks who can whip up beautiful sites. And here’s the kicker: you could earn an average of $75 per hour on Upwork as a web developer.

That’s pretty sweet extra money, especially for us geeks who love coding and making the internet more exciting. Imagine all those search engines showing off your work every time someone hits ‘search’.

Now that’s what I call awesome!

Software Quality Assurance Testing

So, you know your way around HTML and CSS—or maybe even WordPress? Well, get ready to geek out because quality assurance (QA) testing might just be your next money-making move. Think about it: Every website, app, and software is like a little digital world that needs a hero to save the day from pesky bugs and coding gremlins.

That’s where you come in! With an average rate of $47 per hour on Upwork for this kind of tech wizardry, diving into QA testing doesn’t just boost your bank account; it puts you right at the heart of making the digital realm run smoothly.

Now, let’s say you’ve picked up these skills but haven’t tested them in battle yet—no worries! Online courses are waiting for you on platforms like Udemy or Lynda to sharpen those swords.

And once you’re armed with knowledge, companies will line up for your expertise to ensure their products shine without a glitch before hitting the market—and we geeks know how much that matters.

Oh, and if mastering user testing gets your gears going… wait till we talk Technical Support Provision next!

Technical Support Provision

Hey, let’s talk about being a tech support guru. We’re living in a world where folks can’t live without their gadgets and gizmos, right? That means they need someone like me—and maybe you—to help when things go haywire.

I’m talking computers freezing, software behaving badly, or smartphones on the fritz. And guess what? People are willing to pay good money for help.

I’ve seen rates on Upwork for tech support ranging from $10 to $19 an hour! Not too shabby for solving problems from your own home (or wherever you fancy). You could be chatting away, guiding someone through a fix—or if you’re up for it—making house calls.

It’s all about making digital life run smoother. Trust me; it feels awesome to be the hero who saves the day!

E-Sports Coaching

So, let’s talk about coaching esports. It’s one of those tech side hustles that’s really taking off. I bet you’ve heard how huge gaming is these days – it’s not just about playing anymore.

People are making serious cash by teaching others how to get better at their favorite games. Think about it; you’re already spending hours mastering the latest game, why not turn that skill into money?.

Imagine helping someone nail a tricky level or fine-tune their strategy – feels good, right? And doing this can boost your income big time. You share your know-how, they up their game, and your wallet gets fatter – win-win! Whether it’s through one-on-one sessions or creating guides and videos for a bunch of gamers all at once, there’s real earning power here, for sure.

Don’t overlook this gem when planning out your next computer side hustle!

SEO Consulting

I’ve dived into SEO consulting, and let me tell you, it’s a game-changer for making money using your computer. Picture this: companies are out there hunting for someone who knows how to boost their spot on Google’s search engine.

That could be you! With an average rate of about $66 per hour on Upwork, getting into the SEO hustle looks pretty sweet.

Now, don’t worry if terms like search engine optimization or keyword research sound tricky. It’s all about helping websites show up higher when people look for stuff online. You’ll need to get cozy with things like HTML documents and WordPress, but hey, that’s part of the fun.

Trust me; once you start seeing those web pages climb the rankings because of your advice—yeah, that feels awesome!

Affiliate and Referral Programs

Hey, let’s talk about a cool way to make cash on the side—affiliate and referral programs. You’ve seen those links people share on social media or their blogs? They’re not just being nice; they make money when you click and buy something! So, if you’re into things like SEO consultancy or digital marketing, this could be right up your alley.

Imagine earning every time someone buys that awesome gaming gear you recommend.

Now picture this: you spread the word about products from companies that match your geeky interests—maybe it’s the latest software or some neat gadget—and bam, those clicks start rolling in.

As an affiliate, I get a commission for purchases made through my links. Yup—it’s as simple as sharing what you love with followers who trust your opinion! Okay, now shift gears and think mobile app development

Mobile App Development

So, you’ve got your phone with you almost all the time, right? Imagine making apps for that little device and earning some sweet cash on the side. Mobile app development is hot these days – everyone wants an app for something! You can create games, tools to make life easier, or even educational content.

Best part? You don’t need a big office or a team; just your computer and some creativity.

Think about it: people paid actual money just to help a digital bird flap between pipes in Flappy Bird. And not just pocket change – we’re talking thousands of dollars daily at its peak! With the right idea, you could be raking in the dough too.

Your coding skills will get sharper by building apps, and who knows – what starts as a side hustle might become your main gig before long!

Online Gambling

I’ve got to admit, online gambling has its pull. It’s like the digital version of hitting Vegas without leaving your couch. You can play casino games, bet on sports, or try to win cash in online tournaments—like Jackpot King on Virgin Games.

Sure, it needs a bit of luck and maybe some strategy, but who doesn’t like the thrill of a possible win? And hey, some folks even turn this into a regular side hustle.

Just keep your wits about you. Online gambling should be fun and not something that gets out of hand. Now, let’s switch gears – ever thought about pouring your creativity into technical content writing?

Technical Content Writing

So, you’ve got a knack for explaining complex tech stuff in simple words? You might want to try technical content writing. It’s all about crafting blog posts, articles, or even tweets that break down techie topics into bite-sized pieces that anyone can understand.

Think about it – while developers are busy coding away, someone has to write the guides and how-tos.

You’d be creating stuff like user manuals, help documents, or web content focused on technology. It isn’t just about good grammar; knowing how to engage your audience is key. And hey, staying on top of trends means you’ll likely never run out of things to write about.

Plus, with businesses aiming to boost their search engine rankings (hello SEO!), skilled writers are in demand. Sure beats working a boring day job if you ask me!

Coding and Programming

Hey, let’s chat about coding and programming as a side hustle. I’m talking big potential for making cash while flexing those tech muscles. You see, web development is not just about creating cool websites; it’s a chance to make some real dough.

Picture this—you get an idea, turn it into a slick website with your coding skills, and boom!—you’re making money even in your sleep.

And then there’s mobile app development. Ever heard of Flappy Bird? That simple game made its creator buckets of money almost overnight! Sure, these things don’t happen every day, but knowing how to code could help you build the next big thing.

Plus, if you write a technical book or create online courses sharing what you know… well, that’s like planting a money tree in your backyard—a gift that keeps on giving! Trust me—this is where coding can shift from just being geeky to seriously profitable.

Creating Online Courses

So, after digging into coding and programming, let’s talk about creating online courses. It’s super cool because I can use the tech skills I’ve got to teach others and make some cash on the side.

Think about it – with web design, SEO consulting, or even tech support know-how, anyone could whip up a course and share that knowledge.

Now picture this: putting together an awesome learning management system where folks learn HTML & CSS or how to create killer content. By teaching these in-demand skills online, I’m not just helping others—I’m also staying sharp in the gig economy.

And hey, seeing those freelance rates on Upwork? That’s proof there’s real money in sharing what you know.

Crypto Trading

Let me dive into crypto trading. It’s like the Wild West of the tech world—unpredictable, exciting, and full of opportunity. Crypto is the future, they say, and I can see why. There’s something thrilling about being part of a market that never sleeps.

Sure, it’s not in the article on boosting income with tech side hustles—but hear me out.

I’m always on my toes because prices fluctuate faster than a cheetah chasing dinner. And yes, it takes guts and brains. But that’s what we geeks live for! We crunch numbers for breakfast and read trends like comic books.

Trading digital coins might as well be our superpower; turning virtual pennies into real dollars from just about anywhere—even my couch (thank you remote work!). Next up? Writing Tech Books…

Writing Tech Books

So you’ve got the lowdown on crypto trading, now let’s switch gears to another tech treasure: writing tech books. Think about it. You enjoy diving deep into coding and programming, right? Why not share that knowledge with others while making some cash? Writing a technical book isn’t just about putting words on paper; it’s creating a resource that can help countless people solve problems.

You don’t need much to get started – just basic equipment and software for typing up your masterpiece. Do your homework on what topics are hot in the tech world, find an angle that speaks to you, and carve out your niche.

It feels awesome to watch folks learn from your content! Plus, once your book hits the virtual shelves, there’s potential for earning passive income indefinitely. So grab a cup of coffee – or whatever fuels your brain – and start outlining those chapters today!

Success Stories in Tech Side Hustles

Tech Side Hustles 2

Hey fellow geeks, ever wonder how a simple side gig can skyrocket you to tech stardom or puff up that wallet until it’s bursting at the seams? I’ve seen folks go from noodling around in their basement to laughing all the way to the bank.

Take the writers over at TechCrunch, who started just by blogging about gadgets—now look at ’em! Or that guy who whipped up Flappy Bird; talk about hitting a goldmine with app development.

Online teaching platforms like Udemy are cranking out success stories faster than cat videos on YouTube—and speaking of YouTube, Marques Brownlee turned video reviews into his own personal cash cow.

So stick around—I’m diving deep into these game-changers and unpacking exactly how they turned their passion projects into sweet, sweet paydays.

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TechCrunch: Blogging

I’ve got to tell you about my blogging adventure, inspired by the big guns like TechCrunch. Starting a tech blog isn’t just about sharing what you know; it’s also a solid way to make extra cash.

Think of all those tech geeks out there, hungry for the latest on gadgets and code – they could be clicking on your articles! Now, imagine your posts filled with insider tips or breaking down complex stuff into fun reads.

You could even throw in reviews of the shiniest new tech toys.

It’s not all rainbows, though – competition is stiff and you gotta stand out. But hey, TechCrunch started small too, right? They nailed it by diving deep into the tech world and dishing out juicy info that readers loved.

So, keep at it, use keywords smartly, get cozy with Google Analytics to see what works, and who knows? One day someone might be telling your success story as they talk about making money gaming or whatever cool thing comes next.

Speaking of gaming…

Flappy Bird: App Development

So get this, Flappy Bird was this simple game where you tap the screen to keep a bird flying without hitting pipes. Sounds easy, right? Well, it was super addictive and blew up big time.

We’re talking about a tiny app made by Dong Nguyen in Vietnam that became a worldwide hit overnight.

The cool part? This guy was raking in some serious cash just from ads inside the game—like $50k a day! It’s wild because it shows you don’t need some huge team or fancy graphics to make it big in the app world.

But here’s the kicker: Dong actually pulled the game down because all that attention got too crazy for him. Talk about making your mark and getting out! Anyway, point is—if you’ve got an idea for an app, who knows? You could be onto something as huge as Flappy Bird.

Udemy: Online Teaching

I’ve got to tell you, getting into online teaching with Udemy has been a game-changer for me. I mean, think about it: You learn cool stuff, and then turn around and teach others? It’s like hitting two birds with one stone – grow your skills and make money.

And here’s the kicker – Udemy is this huge learning management system jam-packed with courses that show you exactly how to start crushing it in all sorts of tech side hustles.

By diving into these courses, I avoided a ton of mistakes newbie tutors might make. Even better? I figured out how to juggle my time between this new venture and my full-time job without dropping the ball on either! The secret sauce is really just sharpening those skills through their lessons so you can deliver top-notch content that people are willing to pay for.

Now let’s shift gears; we’ll talk about Sam Ovens, who made waves in tech consulting…

Sam Ovens: Tech Consulting

So, Sam Ovens is a big deal in the world of tech consulting. This guy made waves by showing that you don’t need a fancy office or a big team to make it big – just some solid skills and the internet.

He started out like many of us, working from his parents’ garage, and turned into a multi-millionaire by helping businesses get better at what they do.

He’s living proof that with hustle and smarts, anyone can turn their tech knowledge into serious cash. You might not be shooting for millionaire status (or maybe you are!), but learning from examples like Sam can turbocharge your side gig game.

Now let’s see what other success stories we’ve got lined up…

Marques Brownlee: YouTube Videos

Hey, let’s talk about Marques Brownlee and his YouTube videos. This guy is a wizard when it comes to tech side hustles. He has a bunch of clips that show you how to make extra cash with tech skills.

You’ll find everything from coding tips to gadget reviews on his channel. And the best part? His advice isn’t just theory—he’s out there doing this stuff for real.

I’ve picked up some solid ideas from watching these videos, like how important it is to stay current in the fast-moving world of tech. Marques talks about things like creating cool apps or jumping into e-sports coaching – and he makes it all seem doable, even if you’re just starting out.

Plus, I love how he digs into different ways programmers can grow their careers and bank accounts at the same time. Watching his content is like having an expert buddy giving me the inside scoop on making money in today’s digital playground.

FAQs About Tech Side Hustles

What’s a quick tech side hustle I can do as a college student?

Ah, for the busy life of a student… think about diving into content creation! You know, making cool stuff for social media platforms or maybe starting your own Substack newsletter. Just pick something that fits between classes and study breaks!

Can I really make money gaming, or is that just a dream?

No joke, you can totally make cash playing games! Get in on live-streaming or join tournaments—if you’re good enough. Who wouldn’t want to earn bucks having fun with their favorite hobby?

Is being an SEO consultant hard to get into?

Nah, if you’ve got the scoop on search engine optimization (SEO) and how it boosts websites in Google search results—bam—you’re golden. Freelancers who know this stuff are like gold dust; businesses need you to help them rank higher.

Got any ideas for creative folks looking for extra income?

You betcha! Graphic designers have loads of gigs out there—from whipping up logos to image editing magic—for all kinds of brands wanting to jazz up their look.

Hey, what if coding is my thing? Any side hustle tips?

Oh, yeah—coding skills are hot right now! Being a coder means you can build someone’s dream app or squash bugs as a tester… plus plenty more options in freelance marketplaces where your geek flag can proudly fly!

I’m at home and need some privacy when working on my hustle; any advice?

Privacy matters big time when work-from-home is your jam—especially with tech stuff like fintech projects or even web design work. Grab yourself some quiet space where focus goes undisturbed and creativity flows uninterrupted.

Additional Tech Side Hustles
  1. VR Game Development: Create immersive experiences for VR platforms.
  2. AI Chatbot Creation: Develop chatbots for businesses to improve customer service.
  3. Drone Photography Services: Offer aerial photography and videography for events and real estate.
  4. IoT Device Development: Design smart devices for the Internet of Things market.
  5. Cybersecurity Consulting: Help businesses protect their data and networks from cyber threats.
  6. Blockchain Development: Build secure, decentralized applications using blockchain technology.
  7. AR App Development: Develop augmented reality apps for education, gaming, and retail.
  8. Tech Podcast Hosting: Start a podcast discussing the latest in technology trends and innovations.
  9. Freelance Data Analysis: Offer data analysis services to businesses for better decision making.
  10. Digital Marketing Automation: Help companies automate their online marketing efforts.
  11. E-commerce Platform Management: Manage and optimize online stores for businesses.
  12. Mobile Game Monetization Consultant: Advise developers on how to maximize revenue from their games.
  13. Remote IT Services: Provide IT support and maintenance services remotely.
  14. Cloud Storage Solutions: Offer secure cloud storage setup and management services.
  15. Tech Gear Rental Service: Rent out high-end tech gear like cameras, drones, and VR equipment.
  16. Online Tech Tutoring: Teach coding, software use, or other tech skills online.
  17. Website Conversion Optimization Specialist: Improve website conversion rates for e-commerce businesses.
  18. Social Media Influencer: Use your tech expertise to build a following and collaborate with brands.
  19. Domain Flipping: Buy, optimize, and sell domain names for a profit.
  20. App Localization Services: Help app developers adapt their products for international markets.
  21. Ethical Hacking Services: Offer penetration testing to businesses to improve their security.
  22. Tech Event Planning: Organize tech meetups, hackathons, and conferences.
  23. Custom PC Building Services: Build custom PCs for gamers and professionals.
  24. Online Privacy Consultant: Help individuals and companies secure their online presence.
  25. Voice Assistant Development: Create custom voice assistant apps for smart home devices.
  26. Niche Tech Blogging: Start a blog focusing on specific tech niches like VR or IoT.
  27. Digital Art Sales: Create and sell digital art pieces and illustrations.
  28. 3D Modeling Services: Offer 3D modeling for architecture, gaming, and product design.
  29. Software Documentation Writing: Write user manuals and documentation for software products.
  30. UX/UI Consulting: Improve the user experience and interface design of websites and apps.
  31. Online Tech Support Forum: Launch a subscription-based forum offering tech support.
  32. Home Automation Services: Set up smart home devices and systems for clients.
  33. Tech YouTube Channel: Review gadgets, software, and tech trends on YouTube.
  34. Subscription Box for Tech Gadgets: Curate and sell subscription boxes with the latest tech gadgets.
  35. Digital Course on Tech Repairs: Teach people how to repair their own tech devices.
  36. Freelance Patent Illustration: Create patent illustrations for inventors and companies.
  37. Smartwatch App Development: Design applications specifically for smartwatches.
  38. Tech Resume Writing Services: Write and optimize resumes for tech professionals.
  39. Software Beta Testing Service: Organize beta testing for new software products.
  40. Electronic Waste Recycling Consultancy: Help businesses dispose of tech waste responsibly.
  41. Custom Software Development: Create tailored software solutions for businesses.
  42. Online Reputation Management: Help individuals and businesses manage their online image.
  43. Tech Book Club Subscription Service: Curate and deliver niche tech books monthly.
  44. Coding Bootcamp Instructor: Teach coding skills in intensive, short-term courses.
  45. Tech-Themed Merchandise Store: Sell apparel and merchandise with tech-inspired designs.
  46. Crowdfunding Consulting: Advise tech startups on running successful crowdfunding campaigns.
  47. Mobile Device Management: Help businesses manage and secure their employees’ mobile devices.
  48. WordPress Theme Development: Create and sell custom WordPress themes.
  49. Virtual CIO/CTO Services: Offer executive-level technology strategy consulting remotely.
  50. Digital Asset Management: Help companies organize and manage their digital assets.
  51. Tech Newsletter: Publish a newsletter covering tech news, trends, and analysis.
  52. Server Maintenance Services: Provide server setup, maintenance, and optimization services.
  53. E-learning Platform Development: Build platforms for online learning and courses.
  54. IT Project Management: Offer project management services for IT projects.
  55. Robotics Workshops: Teach kids and adults how to build their own robots.
  56. Tech Incubator Consultant: Help tech startups grow with strategic advice and services.
  57. Custom Keyboard Building: Design and build customized mechanical keyboards.
  58. SaaS Product Launch Consultant: Guide SaaS startups in marketing and launching their products.
  59. VR Content Creation Courses: Teach content creation specifically for VR platforms.
  60. eSports Event Organizer: Plan and host local and online eSports tournaments.
  61. Plugin Development for CMS: Develop plugins for content management systems like WordPress or Joomla.
  62. Video Game Testing: Provide professional testing services for video game developers.
  63. Digital Music Production Services: Produce music tracks and sound effects for media and games.
  64. Niche Tech Podcast Production: Produce podcasts for specific tech domains or industries.
  65. Open Source Project Contributor: Contribute to open source projects and offer related consulting.
  66. Tech-Focused Copywriting: Write persuasive tech-related content for websites and marketing campaigns.
  67. Google Ads Specialist: Manage and optimize Google Ads campaigns for businesses.
  68. Tech Retail Consultant: Help tech retail stores in layout design, product selection, and customer experience.
  69. User Behavior Analytics: Provide insights into how users interact with apps and websites.
  70. Machine Learning Training Data Sets: Create and sell training data sets for machine learning models.
  71. Digital Signage Solutions: Set up and manage digital signage systems for businesses.
  72. Freelance Technical Editing: Edit technical documents and articles for clarity and accuracy.
  73. Hackathon Coach: Prepare teams to compete in hackathons with strategy and technical advice.
  74. VR Tour Creation: Design virtual reality tours for real estate and tourism.
  75. Tech Co-Working Space Operator: Run a co-working space designed specifically for tech professionals.
  76. Telemedicine Platform Development: Create platforms for doctors to offer remote consultations.
  77. Digital Twins Creation: Develop digital twins for industries to simulate real-world scenarios.
  78. Podcast Editing Services: Offer editing services for tech podcast producers.
  79. Wearable Fitness Tech Consultant: Develop and advise on wearable tech for fitness tracking.
  80. Tech Franchise Owner: Operate a franchise focused on tech repairs or services.
  81. Augmented Reality Marketing Campaigns: Create AR experiences for brand marketing campaigns.
  82. Tech Gift Recommendation Service: Curate and recommend tech gifts based on client preferences.
  83. Custom Scripting for Automation: Write custom scripts to automate tasks for businesses.
  84. NFT Art Creation and Sales: Design and sell digital art as NFTs.
  85. AI-Powered Personal Finance App: Develop an app that uses AI to offer personalized finance advice.
  86. Subscription Management Platform: Create a platform to help users manage their various subscriptions.
  87. Tech Compliance Auditing: Help companies audit their tech systems for compliance with regulations.
  88. SEO Tool Development: Build tools to help with SEO analysis and improvement.
  89. Tech Community Building: Create and manage online communities for specific tech interests.
  90. GDPR Consultancy: Advise businesses on complying with GDPR and other privacy regulations.
  91. Mobile Analytics Services: Provide analytics solutions specific to mobile app performance.
  92. Tech Career Coaching: Offer career advice and coaching specialized for the tech industry.
  93. On-Demand Tech Workshops: Host workshops on emerging tech topics or software tools.
  94. Custom Alexa Skills: Develop custom skills for Amazon’s Alexa platform.
  95. 3D Printing Design Services: Design and print 3D models for businesses and hobbyists.
  96. Data Privacy Consulting: Help businesses implement strong data privacy measures.
  97. Quantum Computing Research Assistant: Offer research and development assistance in quantum computing.
  98. Tech Documentary Production: Produce documentaries covering tech topics or success stories.
  99. Renewable Energy Tech Consulting: Advise businesses on integrating renewable energy technologies.
  100. Accessibility Consulting: Ensure tech products and services are accessible to people with disabilities.




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