AeroTwist Speakers Look Like Donuts

I know you like to listen to music, but listening in style is what keeps you apart from the crowd. Here are some speakers that most people would have a hard time telling whether they’re donuts or some other type of decoration, we doubt anyone would guess they’re speakers for your music. They look like anything but speakers. They have a unique design and looks like some decorated rings. When you twist the ring it looks like a headless snake.

The speaker Bluetooth ready and charges via USB. Comes with a built in microphone and attaches to your bag-strap, or bicycle or can be placed on your desk or shelf. The speakers are ABS chrome plated and you can chose from 11 different colors and designs. The battery on full charge is good for up to 10 hours.

The AeroTwist speaker is priced at €329. [Buy It]





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