A Brief History of Cartoons in Modern Media

Since pretty much the dawn of civilization, people have created cartoons. In the early days, artists would paint drawings on pottery and use firelight to create the illusion of movement. In modern times, cartoons and animation are an integral part of media and entertainment. Animated films dominate the box office, and cartoons are even showing up in adult content, such as cartoon VR porn

So, let’s hop in our Wayback machine and look at how cartoons have evolved over the decades and how they can enhance modern media in the future. 

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Cartoons and Film History – Felix the Cat to Toy Story

The first genuine concept of animation dates back to 1834, when a man named William George Horner invented the zoetrope. This circular device used small slits and a continuous strip of images to create an animated sequence. When viewers looked through the slits, the pictures would look like they were moving. 

Zoetrope animation was hugely popular, as it allowed people to experience moving pictures long before cameras were invented. However, once film became a viable medium, animation and cartoons weren’t far behind. 

The first true animated character was Felix the Cat, who premiered in 1919 as part of a series of animated shorts called “Feline Follies.” Walt Disney would also create a lovable cartoon character with Mickey (originally called Mortimer) Mouse in 1928. Disney was also the first to release a feature-length animated film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, in 1938. 

Disney also has the distinction of producing the first feature-length computer-animated film with Toy Story in 1995. After that, CGI cartoons became the norm, and now it’s virtually impossible to see an animated movie or TV show that doesn’t use CGI. 

Are Cartoons Just for Kids? 

For many years (including today), cartoons were always seen as a medium for children. Simplistic drawings, vibrant colors, and wacky antics have always been part of the animated experience. 

However, many adults like watching cartoons, and filmmakers have found new and creative ways to make animation a viable medium for adult stories. 

Some notable entries in the “mature” animated feature category include: 

  • Who Framed Roger Rabbit? – A noir detective story wrapped in a colorful cartoon backdrop. 
  • Cool World – This infamous dud tried to make cartoons sexy, and the initial concept art for the movie was much darker and more graphic. 
  • Ghost in the Shell – Anime films run the gamut between child-friendly fare and more adult concepts. Ghost in the Shell was one of the first to become a mainstream hit. 
  • Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within – This film was revolutionary for its time with superb graphics and CGI characters. 

Overall, when filmmakers treat animation as another tool to tell their stories, the results can be just as poignant and captivating as any other medium. 

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Cartoons and Adult Entertainment

Cartoons for adults aren’t always just heavy stories with mature themes and dialogue. There is a growing demand for animated pornography, and it’s easy to see why. Now that cartoons are such an integral part of modern life, it’s only natural that viewers want to see their favorite characters in explicit situations. 

Leading the charge are sites like SexLikeReal. Animated adult content is no longer just limited to two dimensions (although rendered in 3D). Viewers can get a more intimate experience by watching hot cartoons banging in a fully immersive virtual environment. 

The primary benefit of cartoon porn is that there are no limits to the fantasies involved. Viewers can literally pick and choose scenes that surpass their wildest dreams. Have you ever wanted to see two centaurs fucking? Now you can. There are no right or wrong answers with cartoon porn – if you can imagine it, you can watch it.




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