5 Bedroom Furniture Trends For 2022!

Changing up your bedroom furniture is a great way to make a new space for yourself. Whether you are changing your current bedroom or moving into a new place and need new furniture, there are some great trends to check out.

Keep reading to find the best bedroom furniture trends for 2022!

Top 5 Bedroom Furniture Trends To Check Out!

From covering your bed with pillows to bedroom seating, there are many bedroom furniture trends to keep in mind when decorating your new place. Here are some of the top trends to make your bedroom modern and cozy.

1.      Bedroom Seating

Having a bedroom sofa is a great addition to any room because it allows space for relaxing. It also gives guests a place to feel invited without them having to sit on your actual bed. Including bed room sofas also offers an extra place to read a book or watch TV.

2.      Plants and Greenery

Including some outdoor elements in your bedroom is a great way to bring the great outdoors inside. It also brightens up your bedroom space. There are many faux plants you can buy if you struggle with allergies or don’t have time to water real plants.

Many people add real plants though and set them by windows so they can get enough sunlight. You can also try and get some hanging plants or fake vines and hang them on the walls if you don’t have enough floor space.

3.      Pillows and More Pillows

One of the most unique styles is adding more and more pillows to your bed and seating areas in the bedroom. You can get ones that match the duvet or add colorful ones to make them pop. Make sure to get different sizes and shapes to make it a focal piece of your bedroom.

4.      Modern Colors

Most of the furniture being purchased in 2022 is subtle and modern colors. This includes shades of white, brown, gray, blue, and pink. Most people are going with darker shades of blue, lighter shades of pink, and then adding in some cream and brown details.

Modern colors make your room look cozy and welcoming. You can also have a fun DIY project for yourself and paint your current furniture with these new colors if you don’t want to buy everything new.

5.      Mirrors

To really complete the trend for bedroom furniture in 2022, make sure to add a few mirrors. You can get one full-length one and then add some smaller ones to hang on the wall or place on top of a desk or dresser.

Make sure to get different sizes and shapes. To go along with the modern vibe, get mirrors with simple frames in the same color as your furniture.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this article has helped inspire you to redecorate your bedroom with the top 2022 bedroom furniture trends.  With outdoor plants bedroom seating to mirrors, you can make your bedroom a safe and relaxing space.




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