10 Practical and Affordable Ways to Transform Your Bedroom Over the Weekend

If you have neither time nor strength to change your bedroom interior, these life hacks will help. And they have a special bonus: no special costs are needed.

1. Put vases with the flowers.

Flowers in the vase are not only reasonable but also beautiful and universal method. Every time you may choose new flowers and create a different mood in your bedroom. If you do not want to buy fresh flowers often, consider an option with green artificial plants. It is stylish and extraordinary.

A design tip: put the vase in front of the mirror, and it will be a more favorable look.

2. Print out pictures.

When did you last print out photos with the family, friends and beloved ones? Today in almost every shopping center you can find a special machine which will help you print out your Instagram photos in two clicks. And they will decorate your bedroom. You do not need to buy frames, but it may also be a good idea. You can also make a photo garland and decorate one of the walls with it.

3. Buy a new lamp.

A lamp of an unusual shape can transform the interior and add some personality to it. Hang a new chandelier in the bedroom or choose two bedside lamps to create more intimate lighting in the room.

4. Change bed decoration.

It’s amazing, but a bed with new bed lining, nicely placed pillows and a blanket can create the whole interior. This way, your bedroom may look like from a magazine cover. It is easy to realize this idea, and it brings a lot of pleasure and greatly contributes to your interior. For more information about healthy sleeping, check out this website: https://restfaq.com/ 

5. Decorate the wall with the stickers.

Interior stickers are a simple and affordable way to design an accent wall without a repair. The sticker can be applied on the wall behind the headboards or used to decorate a work zone if there is a desk in the bedroom. Or you can decorate the wall in front of the bed and provide a good mood right after waking up. You decide.

6. Make a small dressing area.

You may be surprised, but a dressing area can be organized in a bedroom of any size. You can locate a railing with hangers in the corner of the tiniest room, and you can keep your clothes there. Designers often use this trick in their projects. It is especially appropriate for a ladies’ bedroom.

7. Put a rack.

But an ordinary rack for books and accessories storage. It will become a stylish supplement to your bedroom. Place candles there, decorate it with small flowers, frames, and pictures. You will see that your room will become cozier and more atmospheric.

8. Install a mirror in a nice frame.

Why should you refuse from such a thing as a nice mirror, where you can enjoy your reflection? A mirror is also an art object which will help make the bedroom interior more interesting, especially a big mirror placed against the wall. It will give a special charm.

If your bedroom is plain and modern, a mirror in a vintage frame will add some chic but it will not affect the classical interior either.

9. Buy nice baskets.

You will be astonished how a small basket may change your interior. You may use wicker, metal, or textile baskets. Besides, they are very convenient for storage purposes. And you will avoid chaos on open shelves.

10. Add some vintage details.

Visit your grandmother and try to find some really vintage thing which can decorate your bedroom. An old suitcase, chest, or box will do. And maybe a tray where you can put candles and other accessories. Be creative, a few vintage things will add elegance to your interior.




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