8 Hot New Trends in Online Dating

The world of online dating never stands still. As technology develops, enterprising programmers and web designers are constantly finding new ways to harness the internet to bring people together. In fact, the process is so dynamic that sometimes it’s hard to keep up.

It’s an exciting time, so stay switched on. Here are some of 2017’s major trends in online dating that we think will dominate the scene over the coming months.

VR Is Moving into the Dating Mainstream

According to Tinder’s CEO Sean Rad, augmented reality (or VR) is soon going to make identifying singles easier than ever. In a mixture of Pokémon Go and Adult Friend Finder, the dating giant will allow users to point the smartphone at people on subways or on the street. If they are hooked up to Tinder, they will then show up on their phone’s viewfinder as green (for single), or red (for taken).

Specialist Dating is Becoming Huge

Singles are becoming ever more demanding about the kind of partners they seek. Golfers want golfers. Gym hounds want gym hounds, and kinky group sex fetishists well, you can guess what they want. Specialist apps are emerging to cater for every type of social niche, making it easier to find people with exactly the right personality and range of interests.

Online Dating is Turning into a Sponsorship Opportunity

Online dating is huge. In Australia, more young people meet online than in bars or clubs these days. And with this popularity, it’s also becoming a promotional opportunity for corporations. Beware of (or embrace) corporate sponsored dating apps like Sizzl, which is run by the Oscar Mayer hotdogs company and brings together singles based on a shared love of pork products (really).

Learning how to Find Love is Becoming Routine

It’s only natural that, as online dating becomes more important, entrepreneurs have started to offer classes in how to succeed on the major dating platforms. It might have sounded desperate a few years ago, but classes entitled “Getting Better at Online Dating” from London’s School of Life are attracting hundreds of students every year.

The “Shame” of Online Dating is Over

Most of us will remember when online dating first appeared. The first sites looked a little unprofessional, had unreliable member databases and very few users, and when people hooked up online, it wasn’t always something they’d admit. These days, things have changed. As the Pew Foundation has found, around 50 percent of Americans know a couple that connected online, and the stigma is almost non-existent.

Mature Online Dating is Becoming Massive

As online dating becomes an accepted part of everyday life, different social groups are being brought into its world. Most importantly, people in their 50s and 60s are signing up, a trend that looks set to intensify. In the US, the proportion of 55-64 year olds using dating apps doubled between 2013 and 2015 as an older audience discovers the liberating power of the internet.

Look Out for Ghosters and Benchers

Unfortunately, as online dating gets more popular, users are finding new ways to use it for selfish ends. Take ghosting for example, where one partner gradually disappears from contact without formally breaking up, or benching – where a number of dates are kept on a rotation like subs in a rugby match. It’s unfortunate but true – even on the best dating sites, you’ll need to stay alert to bad dates.

Online Dating is Going to Boom

You might be forgiven for thinking that online dating has reached a peak, but this is far from the case. Australian society is actually becoming a better market for online dating sites like HotDates18. That’s because the number of single-person households will continue to rise, from 2.1 million in 2011 to a projected 3.4 million in 2036. So if you sign up, you can be sure to meet a huge pool of fellow singles.

As you can see, the online dating scene is innovating, growing and becoming more complex. It’s a great time, and a thrilling time, to be dating online in Australia, so make the most of your opportunities in 2017 and beyond.

Photo by: Hillary

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