8 Email Marketing Do’s and Don’ts

Email marketing has continued to be an effective way for marketers because of the various benefits it brings at a low cost. There are some email dos and don’ts which need to be kept in mind in order to get desired results. It is the service through which a marketer sends emails to already existing customers or encourages potential customers to be a part of the customer base.

It is through email marketing that the sender sends emails to recipients that can be informative, has value-oriented data, or contains new business offers for the customers. Email marketing is comparable to any other marketing strategy because of lower costs and potential reach.

Users can also utilize Email templates to save time and utilize perfectly designed emails.

Email Marketing and its Impacts 

There is no doubt about the impacts of email marketing, but there is a need to fine-tune the campaign. It helps streamline the whole process while there is little doubt about the backfiring of it. Instead, if it is carried out in a haphazard manner, it won’t bring any good results. Thus, the impacts of the campaign are directly related to careful planning.

Also, the dos of email marketing helps make it impactful. If the customer feels offended due to the use of potential don’ts, it will result in backfiring the campaign. Thus, the campaigner needs to be sure about it.

Some Do’s and Don’ts of Email Marketing 

The idea of success of email marketing is not limited to sending an email to thousands of people. Rather it needs proper homework in order to succeed. We have compiled a list of some dos and don’ts in order to help email marketing campaigners.

Do set goals for the campaign

The first thing to keep in mind while working on an email marketing campaign is to set goals for the campaign. If the marketer continues the campaign without clearly defined goals, it won’t bring any fruitful results.

Some of the possible goals might include the following.

  • Attracting new subscribers

It is through emails that one can attract new subscribers by telling them about the services. You can send value-oriented emails to let them know what you have for them.

  • Increasing engagement

You can increase engagement by sending different emails. These can be promotional, sale-oriented, or of any other kind.

  • Bringing inactive subscribers back

You can also engage with inactive subscribers by sending marketing emails. You can tell them about the new services or products through these emails. 

Do decide the kind of email

Before you start an email marketing campaign, you need to decide what kind of dos email you want to send. Either it is intended to talk about new services, is about special sales, or has a special package for the recipients. This decision helps you decide the success of the campaign in prior.

Do utilize technology

There are different tools available that employ the latest available technology. These can be used for software integration, metrics, automation, templates, workflows, etc. The use of these tools not only helps reduce the use of effort while they also decrease the time factor.

Thus, the use of technology not only boosts progress but also helps set it according to the chosen pace.

To create a precise and catchy subject line

If you do create a precise and catchy subject line, it will have a direct impact on the results of the email marketing campaign. The user will see an increase in ROI because a catchy subject line keeps the reader hooked. They can easily decide what to do and how the user is likely to stay engaged.

If the subject line is too long, it might have negative results, and the recipient might close the email without reading it.

Don’t proceed without infographics.

Infographic email marketing is one of the dominant trends and can have miraculous results. The marketer needs to make sure there are enough infographics and stats. It will help determine the positive response to CTA from the customer.

Don’t bombard readers

One of the main don’ts of email marketing is not to bombard the recipient with emails. Maintaining a frequency is fine, but it shouldn’t mean that they should be forced to unsubscribe because of too many emails.

Don’t write too long emails

The length of the email is also important, and it shouldn’t be too long for the recipient to read.

Don’t add too many links

The addition of links is crucial, but it doesn’t mean that you should fill it with links that will result in bringing zero results.


Email marketing requires certain dos and don’ts, which determine the success of the campaign. If the marketer keeps track of these, they can have the required results. Some of these include setting goals, use of email marketing infographics, use of precise subject lines, etc.




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