7 Fall Movies for Students to Watch

According to studies, most people consider autumn to be the coziest time of the year, and despite the cold and gray skies, it is the season that is remembered for its warmth and soulfulness. Watching soap operas with the sound of rain, talking in a blanket with a hot cup of tea, walking in the park under the rustle of fallen leaves… All these autumn joys are complemented by watching movies, which makes you feel even cozier. We’ve gathered the best movies to watch in the fall. They are so fascinating that we encourage you to do your homework beforehand or ask the write a essay for me service for help.


The picture, made by a true master of cozy cinema Richard Curtis (“Real Love,” “Bridget Jones’s Diary”), tells the story of a British family where all the men can travel through time. After meeting his beloved in a London pub, the protagonist realizes that there are things he can’t change. The film is imbued with the atmosphere of a cozy autumn London, English-style interiors, inimitable British humor, and an amazing, far from fantastic, but penetrating love story.

2. “IF I STAY” 2014

The film starring Chloe Moretz describes the thoughts of a girl who is left between heaven and earth. After an accident that killed all of Mia’s family, she has to choose – to leave the earth or stay, finding her meaning in life. The picture that opened the young American actress reveals the eternal theme of happiness. As she reminisces about the everyday moments of her life, the young heroine realizes that her love for her parents, for music, and her beloved boyfriend is her anchor. A life-affirming film with autumnal shots of American suburbia sets up a pleasant autumn melancholy and makes you philosophize within yourself.

3. “OBSESSION,” 2004

One of the most beautiful films about the passion that takes your mind away. Beautiful shots of New York City with stylish images of Diane Kruger’s character, as well as the most autumnal soundtrack immerse in the special atmosphere of the coming rainy season.


A film about the friendship of the main characters that began with a failed date, but dragged on for 12 years, and eventually led to love. In the shots: autumnal New York, checkered jackets, ironic dialogues of the main characters, and, of course, the ineffable atmosphere of the romantic autumnal city. The film won the British Academy Award for Best Screenplay.


The film, which beat the viewing ratings in the U.S. and gave Julia Roberts an unprecedented $25 million fee, captivated the public with its depth of plot. The title refers to the Florentine lady whose image is that of an American housewife of the fifties, strutting about the kitchen in a chiffon skirt with a perpetual smile on her face. The plot of the film is about a schoolteacher who taught her female students about inner freedom and lust for life. The atmosphere of the film with its cozy checkered coats of the main characters and frank dialogues about women’s destiny gives an inexpressible mood of a chilly autumn day.


The story centers on fall life in an American town and the changes brought about by the advent of the Internet. The film has become an anthology of modern life, telling the story of several characters who are trying to figure out how the Internet can help them find their way. The director reflects on how society’s opinion affects our decisions, lives, and self-esteem, and demonstrates the importance of one’s self – unique and unrepeatable.

7. “THE LAKE HOUSE” 2006

One of the most aesthetically pleasing fall films is about the love between characters who are in different time spaces but live in the same house – on the shores of a lake. A beautiful architectural building framed by a pine forest becomes the place where their invisible meetings are played out – thanks to correspondence. In the frame: beautiful interiors against a coastal landscape give the coziness and warmth of a November day when the first snow falls.



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