6 Types of Software You Need to Run Your Business

Software applications have become a part of daily life for everyone, but when you run a business, they’re essential for your success. It’s nearly impossible to run a profitable business today without relying on software to a large degree. 

If you own or manage a business, here’s a list of some of the most important software applications you’ll need.

1. Warranty tracking software

Do you have expenses that add up because equipment or machines break down and need to be repaired or replaced? Do you know if your equipment is under warranty when they break down? It’s very possible that you’re passing up opportunities to get repairs done under warranty at no cost. By tracking your warranties with software, you can ensure you never miss another opportunity.

You might be wondering if it’s worth it. That depends on your company, but the answer is usually yes. For instance, a shipping company called Gulf Relay increased their warranty reimbursement by 782% by using fleet management software. For businesses that operate a fleet of vehicles, warranty reimbursement is important to track. Many opportunities fall to the wayside and companies end up paying for vehicle repairs out of pocket without realizing it would have been covered under their warranty.

Using software to track your warrantable opportunities is an excellent way to make sure you’re not paying for repairs and replacements when it’s not necessary.

2. Accounting software

It’s impossible to run a business for very long without accounting software. Tracking your expenses, income, and tax bills are essential. This should be standard, but many businesses try to manage their finances using simple spreadsheets or manual methods on paper. Long-term, manual methods and simple spreadsheets won’t cut it.

3. Helpdesk software

If your business has a customer base, you’ll benefit from providing them with a help desk where they can submit tickets to get help with, and answers to their problems. However, this isn’t the only way to use a help desk. You can also use a help desk internally for your team.

A help desk solution is the best way to keep track of requests and ensure none go unanswered. Whether you use an external or internal help desk system, you’ll provide an easy way for people to get help in an organized manner.

4. Project management software

Hopefully, you’re already using project management software to keep your teams organized and on task. This software is basic, but essential for businesses that work on projects collaboratively, especially when some team members are overseas.

With project management software, your entire team can collaborate in real time, upload files relevant to each project, and track their tasks with deadlines so they can plan their days over the course of each week.

5. Automated social media posting software

Social media automation is huge for a reason – it takes the tedium out of posting to social media daily. No matter how you slice it, nothing makes posting to social media easier than software that automates the process.

You don’t want to have someone posting manually every day – that’s a waste of time. Instead, get software that will hold a bunch of posts in the queue and post them automatically for you at specific times. You can find software that will do this for multiple social media platforms at once, so you shouldn’t need to use a bunch of different applications.

6. Slack or another communication tool

Communication is essential for teamwork, but sometimes it’s hard to discuss anything in-depth inside a project management tool. This is where communication tools like Slack come in handy. 

With Slack, you can set up an environment for your team to discuss as many different client projects or other topics as you want. Each subject can be its own channel, so the conversations will always be separated and, therefore, easy to reference.

Software applications are essential

These are just several examples of applications that keep today’s businesses running. You might not need all of these, or you might use all of these and then some. If you look hard enough, you’ll find software for just about any need you have.

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