6 Things You Didn’t Know About The Google Play Store

Regarding Android apps, the Google Play Store is the be-all and end-all. It’s where you go to find all the best apps, games, books, music, and movies. But even though you use it daily, there are still some things about the Play Store that you don’t know. Here are six of them.

  1. You Can Buy Apps and Games with Google Play Credit

If you’ve ever received a Google Play gift card, you might not have known that you can use it to buy apps and games. Redeem the card in the Play Store, and you can use the credit to make purchases.

You can also pay for subscriptions with Google Play credit, handy if you want to use an app or service but don’t have a credit card. Remember that the credit will only last for as long as the subscription, so you’ll need to renew it if you want to keep using it.

  1. There Is Google Play Store for PC

When having a PC, it’s also possible to get the app store on the computer. Nowadays, there are reliable online sites from where to download it. The steps are easy to follow, and once downloaded, it works the same way on a mobile phone. It’s advisable to read more information online regarding the best procedures. An ideal option is to expand the app possibilities on a PC. Many people also think of finding an emulator. This is a tool that allows one computer system to behave like another. 

In other words, it imitates or copies the features of one system on another. It helps play old games, try out new apps, and more. Generally, you can use an Android emulator on your PC. There are a few different ones to choose from, but we recommend Bluestacks. Once you’ve downloaded and installed it, sign in with your Google account, and you’ll be able to access the Play Store. 

  1. You Can Return Apps and Games for a Refund

If you buy an app or game on the Play Store and it doesn’t work out, you can return it for a refund within two hours of purchasing it. Just go to the order history page in the Play Store, find the app or game you want to return, and hit the “Refund” button. You’ll get your money back within a few days.

However, there are a few things to keep in mind. You can only refund an app or game once, so make sure you don’t want it before you hit that button. And if you’ve used up your two-hour refund window, you’re out of luck.

  1. Some Apps and Games Are Not Available in All Countries

If you’re trying to download an app or game unavailable in your country, you might see a message saying that it’s not compatible with your device. That’s because the app or game isn’t available in your country.

Developers can choose to make their apps and games available in certain countries, and they often do this to comply with local laws and regulations. So if you’re trying to download a gambling app, for example, it might only be available in countries where gambling is legal.

  1. You Can Check if Your Apps Will Work on a New Phone Before You Buy It

If you’re considering buying a new phone, you can check if your existing apps will work on it before making the purchase. Go to the Play Store’s “My Apps” section, and select the “All” tab.

Then, select the app or game you want to check, and tap the “Check for compatibility” button. The Play Store will tell you if the app or game is compatible with the new phone. Modern tools are more precise, so this should work for most apps and games. However, some older ones might not be compatible.

  1. You Can Install Apps from Outside the Play Store, But It’s Not Recommended

If you want to download an app not available on the Play Store, you can side-load it onto your Android device. This means installing the app from another source, such as a website or an app store.

However, it’s not recommendable to do this, as it can be risky. Google does not get side-loaded apps; therefore, they could be malicious. And if you’re not careful, you could give someone else access to your device. If you want to side-load an app, make sure you only download it from a trusted source and have a good anti-malware program installed on your device.

There’s a lot more to the Play Store than meets the eye. So next time you’re using it, keep these things in mind, and you might learn something new. Remember to stay safe when downloading apps and games.




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