4 Reasons to Go Winter Camping

The tail end of winter has finally arrived — soon, the sun will be out in full force, and you’ll be enjoying even longer and warmer days. With one more month to go, do you have any winter activities planned? Getting outside and enjoying the fresh air is the perfect thing to do right now to break the monotonous seasonal routine. Have you ever considered winter camping? While it might not be the first thing that comes to mind, going camping this time of year is the quintessential winter activity.

If you’re tired of feeling cooped up at home and want to reacquaint yourself with your natural surroundings, consider a weekend camping trip. Here are four reasons why it might be what your winters have been lacking all these years.

1. The Quiet

One of the best parts about escaping the hustle and bustle of it all is embracing nature’s unique stillness. There are fewer people out camping this time of year, which actually works out in your favour. You could probably find a spot to hitch your tent all to yourself, without having to worry about any unwanted noise or getting too close to others. It’s the perfect opportunity to rejuvenate and listen to the peaceful rhythm of nature.

2. The Campfires

Nothing beats sitting around a warm, glowing campfire on a winter evening. Picture it: after a big day of hiking and exploring through the woods, you come back to your campsite to make a big, cozy fire to sit around. You’ve brought all the fixings — the s’more ingredients, the hot dogs, and the coco. You don’t even notice the cold temperature because you’re so warm and relaxed. All you need is someone to start telling ghost stories, and you’ll be all set for the night!

3. You Won’t Need a Cooler

Need somewhere to put all of your cold drinks? Just put them in a safe spot outside in the snow! The beauty of winter camping is that since the weather is cold, you can use the temperature to your advantage and leave drinks such as soda, beer, or wine outside. However, always ensure they’re always adequately covered to avoid uninvited animal guests.

4. The Stars

Did you know that there are brighter stars in the quarter of the sky that we refer to as the winter sky? And that cold air holds less moisture than the warmer spring and summer air, making clearer nights? Many of the faint stars that potentially go unseen during the summer nights may be more visible during the winter. So, look up at that gorgeous sky as you sit by the campfire and enjoy.

Packing Tips

If you’re heading to the wilderness, don’t forget to pack warmly. You’ll want to bring a few pairs of thermal underwear to keep you warm during those chilly nights. Thermal is an excellent layer to wear when it’s cold because it traps heat against your body and won’t leave you feeling hot and sweaty. You’ll also need a warm sleeping bag and a few sleeping pads.

This month, get outside and enjoy this reflective season. You might enjoy it so much; you’ll make it an annual event!




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