Piranha Plant Earrings Got Bite!

Mario Bros Piranha Plant Earring Set


Just recently, I talked about how I was introduced to Super Mario and how it was the very first video game I ever played. Unfortunately, what I’m showing you guys today is something I cannot wear in public. Notice how I said public? Don’t worry about what happens inside my apartment. 😉

This Piranha Plant earring set is perfect for the woman in your life regardless of her age and whether she is a wife, girlfriend, daughter, niece, etc. The earring set is made out of polymer clay and it literally looks like the plant has a good bite going on the ear.

Piranha Plant Earring set for girls

Mario earrings set for girls from Etsy

Check out Lizglizz on Etsy. Although currently out of stock, you can always contact them for more details.

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