Wireless Headphones That Are Best For Students

Being a student is no easy job. You constantly have to go through the stress of handing in your homework assignment on time, write out extremely long essays, score well in your exams, and so on, all so that you could get admitted into your dream college. Studying often gets overwhelming for students who have different ways of dealing with these pressures. One such method is listening to music. There are many headphones for teens available in the market today, and students feel that they do a better job of learning and working when they are listening to music. This idea is also supported by many top experts, who claim that music that is soothing and relaxing can help students beat stress while studying. With the best headphones for studying, you can listen to music during long study sessions.

Hence, it is a good idea to buy a nice pair of headphones that are comfortable to wear and deliver high-quality sound. Headphones come in many shapes and sizes, but recently, the trend of using wireless headphones is rising. This is mainly due to their improved connectivity, refined audio quality, and better battery lives. Furthermore, wireless headphones allow for entirely unrestricted movement. However, figuring out which headphones you should buy online can be quite daunting due to the plethora of devices that are sold. Therefore, we’ve compiled a list of the best wireless headphones for teens.


Manufactured by the world-famous company Apple, Airpods are some of the most renowned headphones available in the market. Bundled with a wireless charging case, Airpods offer a great music experience with 5 hours of continuous listening time, along with a 24 hour charging time. You can use these to help you destress while you’re studying. Another great way to destress if you have too much work and studying to do is by hiring essay writers! If you’re not a great writer, don’t worry! You can hire one online.

Airpods Pro

These are like the Airpods, but more professional thanks to the presence of an active noise cancellation feature that reduces the amount of external noise that enters a user’s ears. Airpods Pro is also more customizable, featuring an in-ear design that allows the headphones to stay in place more firmly.

It uses a force sensor that has been incorporated into one of its stalks to let the user control his/her music and calls and switch the active noise cancellation on or off. This device has the same battery life as the Airpods and is sold at a more premium price. It has a shorter stalk than the Airpods and is also only shipped in glossy white color. While studying thanks to these Airpods peacefully, you can hire a writter online to finish any college assignment you may have!

Galaxy Buds

These in-ear design headphones are made by Samsung. The galaxy buds have a 6 hour continuous listening time, while the case provides an extra 20 hours of charge time. It is a highly customizable device which comes with ear tips and wingtips of different sizes, and an app that can control the quality and characteristics of the sound that is played.

They can be charged via USB-C or wireless charging, and they possess active noise cancellation. You can pause/play and skip tracks using the touchpads on the sides of the buds and can even access the voice assistant. The galaxy buds are shipped in two colors, black and white.

PowerBeats Pro

Created by Beats, these headphones Created by Beats, these headphones have an over-the-year mount, which is a hook that wraps around your ears to keep the headphones secure in place. Thus, this is ideal for students who also prefer listening to music while exercising, but do not like to wear large bulky headphones. It comes in a variety of colors, including matte black and ivory, and has 8 hours of playback time. So, you can listen to music while doing your assignment in peace.


Beats Solo Pro

Also made by Beats, these are expert wireless headphones that come in a suite of bright matte colors. They have 22 hours of runtime and are very sturdily built. These headphones do not have a dedicated on/off button and can be activated simply by unfolding them. A d-pad on the side of the Solo Pro controls everything like pausing or playing tracks and changing the volume. These headphones also offer active noise cancellation that works quite well.

Bose Headphones 700

The 700 comes in a matte black and a silver color with a minimalist design. It is a lightweight, over-ear headphone that clamps firmly onto your head, eliminating any external sound. As a result, you can easily study in a rather noisy environment. They can be charged using USB-C cables and contain a touchpad on its side to toggle the media controls using swiping actions.

The 700 also has three physical buttons; the power/Bluetooth button, the assistant button, and the noise cancellation button. Speaking of active noise cancellation, these headphones do an excellent job of cutting out most of the external sounds, making it one of the best headphones for studying.

Sony MDR7506

These over-ear headphones are another excellent choice for students! Not only are they noise-canceling headphones, but they also support high-resolution audio. If you’re a music major or an audio engineering student, these headphones will give you the perfectly balanced audio that you need.

These wireless headphones have earcups that are extremely comfortable, so you can use them all day long without getting tired. You can also fold them up effortlessly and carry them around with ease. But we recommend you get a travel case for them, so they don’t get damaged.


Other honorable mentions include Sony’s WF-1000XM3, the Google Pixel Buds, and the Bose Quiet Comfort 25. It is completely up to you to decide which of these headphones you wish to purchase based on what you prefer, which one is the most convenient for you to use, and what your budget is. And just remember, there are no wrong decisions.




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