Why Sleep Is Vital To Growing Your Business in 2020

Entrepreneurs are some of the hardest working people in the country according to many accounts. There are few who question that. What is concerning though is the dramatic lack of sleep that so many of these individuals are suffering through. It was once believed that the price of progress was a lack of sleep and that sleep was for the lazy. However, that is all being reconsidered.

Lack Of Sleep Can Hold You Back From Success

Sleep deprivation can cause a person to miss out on some of the success that they otherwise would and should have. Part of the problem is that people often don’t believe this. We hear stories about people like Twitter founder and CEO Jack Dorsey only getting around four or five hours of sleep per night. We look up to those people and think that this is the only way to be successful. That is far from the truth though.

Those exceptional cases are truly the outliers and not the average. Successful people actually do need their sleep. It is the only way to reach optimal productivity and happiness. Spending more time in bed and less nights staying up late grinding away is the only way to be at your best.

A Risk To Health

The Center For Disease Control (CDC) says that lack of sleep poses a potential risk to our health. Just one night of less than optimal sleep won’t impact us all that much but continued missed sleep can cause issues. There are connections between a lack of sleep and health risks like diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease among other issues.

Mental health suffers when one does not get their proper sleep. There has been a spike in the number of people who have mental health problems. Perhaps this is connected in some way to our 24 hours around the clock society.

Quality Of Sleep And What It Does For You

The quantity of sleep you get matters greatly as we have already covered, but there is more to it than just that. The quality of that sleep is also important. It may makeinvesting in a mattress that works well for you make a lot of sense.

A quality mattress helps us get sleep that is more restorative and helpful to our whole being. Sleep that is high quality gets a lot done for us. It gives our brains time to process all the stimuli that come at it throughout the day. This allows us to work through any number of issues that we couldn’t process during the day.

There Are Areas Where Entrepreneurs Can Do Better

Entrepreneurs can do better in their sleep habits in a variety of areas. Doing things like checking emails constantly and not dealing with the stress of the work are detrimental to the ability of a person to get good quality sleep. Of course, these are two activities that entrepreneurs engage in all the time. They want to get more done before bed, but they do so at the sacrifice of their work the next day.

It is time that we all acknowledge the power of sleep and all the benefits that it brings to us. It can improve our personal success and indeed the success of society.




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