Why Is Huntington’s Disease Incurable? (Plus, Technical Advancements and Hope for the Future)

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Huntington’s disease is a progressive disease of the brain, similar to Alzheimer’s. However, it can start earlier in life and impacts more of the nervous system than other progressive conditions. For those struggling with this disease or the loved ones of a family member who has it, the fact that it is currently incurable can feel overwhelming.

This article will explain why Huntington’s disease is incurable and how it works, plus offer some options for hope for the future.

What Causes Huntington’s Disease?

Huntington’s disease is caused by a genetic marker passed on by one or both of your parents. It’s a dominant gene, so it’s likely you’ll also have it if your parent does. That’s why early detection is so important in treating this condition and reducing its effects for as long as possible.

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Why Is Huntington’s Disease Incurable?

To understand why Huntington’s disease is incurable, you need to understand how it works. When you are born with the gene for this condition, it is part of your genetic code. As such, it cannot be removed or altered in any way.

Unfortunately, genetic therapies and treatments are limited and difficult to come by. A complete cure is not possible due to the nature of the condition. However, certain medications and treatments can offer hope to those affected.

Is There Hope for a Cure in the Future?

Even though Huntington’s disease is genetic and likely going to be incurable for a long time, there is always hope as medical technology continues to improve. In fact, several studies and clinical trials are in effect to test out new genetic therapies that could possibly target the genes responsible for this condition.

New technological systems that allow for genetic sequencing and directed gene editing are also looking into plans for a cure. However, these studies are still in their infancy and may take a while to yield results.

Even though a cure may not be possible in your lifetime, the best part about humanity is that we will never give up on trying. That’s always something you can carry with you in your darkest moments.

How To Get Help

If you or a loved one have Huntington’s disease and are looking to get help, there are several options available to you.

Online Therapy

Even if you can’t physically cure the symptoms of Huntington’s disease right now, online therapy can help you deal with the effects that the illness has on your mind and mental health. Many people go through stages of grief and acceptance when learning they have this condition. Being able to talk to someone who understands can help.

Online therapy is great for those who struggle to leave home or are confined to their room. It also allows you to put more effort into getting help without tiring your body or mind too much.

New Medications

Always speak to your doctor before taking a new medication. Many medications are available to lessen the symptoms of Huntington’s disease. If you catch the disease early, these medications have a larger chance of working in your favor, as well.

Keep Up to Date on Technology and Research

As with any condition, studies and tests are being done all the time to try to find a cure. If you like to keep up to date with new technology and research, you can do so by checking out the latest news from Huntington’s disease researchers online. 




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