Why Do My Emails Keep Falling Into Spam?

Were you anticipating an important email but did not receive it? Or are you simply unable to locate an email sent to you? Your email may have ended up in your spam folder. That can be aggravating, especially if it is not the first time it has occurred. If this describes you, keep reading because this guide will go through five reasons why your emails end up in spam.

Spam filters

A spam filter is like a security guard for your mail. They are designed to protect mail users from receiving emails that contain malware. As such, due to the different algorithms these spam filters use, they can check and determine if a message is harmful. If it is marked as harmful, the mail will automatically end up in your spam box.

The sender’s details are not correct

Incorrect sender details are another reason your mail will end up in a spam box. This is why you should ensure your email details are correct and configured. Also, ensure your mail domain is set up correctly and without fault.

You are using spam-triggering words

What are the contents of your mail? Do they have more than one link embedded in them? Do they contain keywords that spammers look out for? If they do, there’s a high chance that your mail will end up in a spam box

The setting on the recipient’s phone

If the setting on your phone or the recipient’s phone marks a message as spam, it will end up in the spam box. Hence, you should check your phone settings for active spam filters. Then unmark the particular Email from the spam box so it isn’t flagged anymore.

Your IP address is flagged

In today’s digital world, users can complain about emails or flag them as inappropriate. Because of this, if the spam algorithm picks up a number of complaints against your mail address or domain, it will go to spam. 

Finally, dealing with emails that always land in spam boxes is frustrating. However, the key to overcoming this is understanding the reasons why it happens. By following the suggestions above, you reduce the possibility of your mail landing in spam folders.




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