Why Buy And Drive The Volkswagen Passat?

Buying a premium sedan means looking for the best of specifications and appearance. Volkswagen Passat is exceptional proof that a vehicle can have the brains and look side by side. Unfortunately, it shattered hearts when VW announced stopping Passat after 2022. Even if you wouldn’t get any more updates, you’ll still have enough models until 2022 to buy and drive around.

If you’re intrigued by the VW Passat and wish to know its features and ratings that make the vehicle an essential investment, you’re on the correct lane. Below we share a session addressing all these queries and helping you answer the simple question, “why to buy Volkswagen Passat?”


One of the vital things to look for in any vehicle is its safety rating. You don’t want to drive a car- be it SUV, sedan, or a truck- that doesn’t offer protective systems and assistance. Fortunately for you, Passat has an ANCAP rating of five stars!

The 2022 version is even more premium and prioritizes safety essentially. Apart from the standard collision warnings with pedestrian detection, the vehicle also offers automatic emergency brakes, blind-spot monitoring, rear cross-traffic alerts, and lane-keeping assists.

In addition, you can also avail of the parallel parking feature that has exclusive parking sensors, adaptive headlights, and an auto-dimming rear-view mirror. These specs improve road visibility, reduce chances of potential accidents, and keep you and other cars around you safe.


The deluxe Volkswagen Passat is the epitome of practical comfortability. The car has outboard seats made from premium leather, and the driver seat also includes a massager. The Dynamic Chassis Control (DCC) further adds to improve the stability and cosiness of your rides.

In addition, one of the massive concerns for anyone buying a vehicle is the rear seats. Are the rear seats roomier? In the case of the Passat, yes, of course! The spacious searing allows enough area to accommodate your long legs. As a driver, you might feel the knee touch the centre console. However, you can always reposition the rear seats, kick them back, and allow ample and breathable space to your legs.


When you hear the word “sedan,” most of you may associate it with phrases, including aesthetic, bold appearance, and alluring. And that’s what a great sedan should be.

Volkswagen is keen on valuing Passat’s styles and doesn’t ever disappoint. The handsome exterior looks iconic with thin headlights, sculpted sides, and a prominent front grille.

Quality Drive

Passat has a powerful four-cylindered engine that ensures an ultra-sleek and soundless drive. The car’s soft hum is distinct and screams superiority to notch up the quality of your drives.

Moreover, the advanced suspension system eliminates massive bumps during the ride to prevent you or the vehicle from staggering or going into a frenzy. That way, driving Passat over an uneven and rocky road or hill wouldn’t leave you feeling half as disgruntled because of the smoothened bumps.

Storage Space

People often shy away from getting a sedan because they think it’s not roomy enough or doesn’t offer optimal storage space. While that may be true for several cases, Passat breaks through, setting itself apart from other sedans because of its cargo area.

You can benefit from the 60/40-split foldable rear seats to create an even deeper and broader area. You can even keep your essentials and luggage when you’re going on road trips or longer journeys by car.

Fuel Efficiency

Rising fuel prices are turning into pressing nightmares for every Australian. Therefore, it’s common to see every car owner or potential buyer looking for cars with optimal mileage to help them save their maintenance and fuel costs.

Passat becomes an even more incredible choice because of its favourable fuel effectiveness. The car can cover 100 km within 7.2 to 8 litres- a great range, considering its powerful engine and smooth drive.

Climate Control Assists

Volkswagen Passat offers a dual-zone climate control system to keep the interior pleasant for everyone. You can be sitting on the passenger seat or huddled in the corner of the rear seat and still experience your fair share of pleasant cool or warm airflow.

The Climate Control Assist maintains the air circulation across the car and keeps the temperature consistent. That’s yet another cherry on top that makes Passat beyond comfortable to drive and ride in.

Final Thoughts

Above, we offered seven spectacular reasons for getting the Passat, and hopefully, they were enough to wash away your queries of “why buy Volkswagen Passat?” Feel free to research a few reviews and learn more about the features and qualities of automobile experts before making your final decision.

For sure, Passat is a beauty that’s rewarding, reliable, and durable in the long term. Therefore, investing in the car will offer you suave glamour, affordable maintenance, and safe rides every day.




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