What’s the Fastest Way to Level Up in War of Warcraft Dragonflight?

The race is on. World of Warcraft Dragonflight has hit the streets and one of the biggest challenges being talked about already is what is the quickest way to hit level 70?

If that magic number has become one of your primary goals you may well decide to take a look at how a WoW boosting service can help you get there. For many players, it’s all about attaining that maximum content leveling experience.

Whether you get some insights via a boosting service for future guidance and learning the fastest way of achieving max levels, or simply want to work through the quests as quickly as possible, here’s what you need to know.

Start by turning war mode on

A good tip to get you started would be to take the important step of turning war mode on before you even contemplate the idea of getting onto Dragon Isle.

The way to turn war mode on is to make your way to either Orgrimmar or Stormwind. Arriving at either of these destinations will give you the opportunity to turn war mode on.

The reason you want to do this is that it significantly increases your XP gain, by as much as 15%, when completing various quests and killing mobs.

You will quickly discover that this move will improve your leveling experience and performance. Great news when you are trying to work your way through each zone as quickly as possible.

Doing the dungeons is a great way to get a big bump of XP

Another important tip to remember is that doing dungeons has to be considered one of the best WoW tips if you are seeking a way of giving your XP a major boost.

Doing your dungeons alongside the various quests will deliver a noticeable boost when you are at any level between 60 and 70.

It is a real no-brainer move in the game when you consider that it doesn’t really take that long to tick this task off your list. It’s even quicker if you are a tank or healer and can get into a group rapidly.

A smart move would be to go straight into a dungeon the minute you get a quest for it.

A couple of hours of rested XP can be rewarding

You can gain rested XP when you log out in a major city or inn. This action delivers a welcome XP increase buff. It also greatly enhances the experience gained from killing mobs.

It is worth bearing in mind that you don’t earn that much rested XP without being logged off for a reasonable period of time. A good tip would be to do this when you are planning on stepping away from the game for the night. That good few hours of rested XP will often make a noticeable dent in a level.

Don’t forget to focus on bonus objectives

One thing you will encounter during the course of completing the main campaign quests is a bonus objective. This is clearly marked using a yellow outline combined with a progress bar that pops up next to the spot where your quests are being tracked.

Complete these bonus objectives when they appear. They reward you with a sizable amount of gold combined with a decent chunk of XP as well.

Your primary focus should always be on the quests. But you should also tackle the bonus objectives when you get the invitation, before taking yourself onto the next questing area.

The bottom line is that all of these bonus objectives can collectively make quite a difference in your leveling up efforts. Don’t pass the opportunity to improve your XP when you see a bonus objective appear.

Strength in numbers for faster leveling

You can make decent progress on your own by killing mobs for decent XP gain. However, even though most of your progress is achieved through quest XP it doesn’t do any harm to join a party and work together.

Having a few extra hands in the game to take down bosses and kill mobs will help you get where you want to be at an even quicker rate. Leveling will always be at a faster rate when you are doing it with some friends to help.

Another plus point is that questing in groups will give you some often much-needed assistance when tackling awkward fights. Group quests tend to offer the most favorable XP reward overall.

Take the opportunity to do group quests whenever the opportunity arises. You will notice the difference it makes in sending your levels skyrocketing up.

How to level your first character in Dragonflight

Remember, your character has to be at a level of at least 60 in order to be able to commence the Dragonflight intro questline.

Your first character needs to adhere to a strictly linear progression path. You also need to visit zones in a specific order in order to gain enough experience to reach level 70.

Your first step is to visit Forbidden Reach. This will take you between levels 58 and 60. The next progression would be to get to The Waking Shores, which will take you to levels 58-64.

Third on the list is a visit to Ohn’ahran Plains, which achieves levels 62-66. Afterward, it’s Azure Span, which takes you to levels 64-68, followed by Thaldraszus, which is levels 66-70.

Unfortunately, you have to keep in mind that simply completing these campaigns will not give you sufficient experience in the game to qualify for reaching that magic number of 70.

The way to do it is to complete all the side quests, which we have talked about already.

You will need to reach at least level 68 to continue the story past a certain point. The campaign is gated beyond this level. That means 68 is required if you want to progress in Azure Span and get to level 70 so that you are able to complete the last two remaining campaign chapters in Thaldraszus.

You might find that boosting will prove to be a good leveling guide if you want to efficiently work your way through all the Dragonflight chapters such as Death Knight, Evoker, Paladin, Druid, Warlock, etc. There are thirteen different challenges to face when you visit these chapters, so plenty to think about.

A new system for alts in Dragonflight

Something that is new to talk about with Dragonflight is Dragon Isles Adventuring.

This system has been introduced into the game for the latest version. It is not that different from what you may have experienced with the Battle for Azeroth alt-leveling system. Both give you the option of picking your preferred zone.

Before you are in a position to enable Dragon Isles Adventuring you have to complete the intro questline and a handful of quests in the Waking Shores.

There are a number of specific quests that need to be completed within the zone.

These are Explorers in Peril, Primal Pests, Practice Materials, along with Where is Wrathlon?

Once these have been ticked off you will be offered a new quest called Adventuring the Dragon Isles by Sendrax and the Wingrest Embassy. At this point, head to the Scouting Map and commence a new quest within your preferred zone. The Flight Master is programmed to transport you to this zone once your request has been made.

Unlocking Dragonriding

When you get to level 61 you will be able to focus your attention on taking steps to unlock all of the available Dragonriding glyphs.

The reason you want to do this is because accessing all the available Dragonriding perks makes it easier to hit your leveling targets.

You will need to spend about half an hour or so questing in The Waking Shores to be able to unlock Dragonriding. You will discover that collecting glyphs is a one-time deal as unlocking Dragonride talents is done across your account.

Take advantage of Starter Builds in Dragonflight

There are preset talent builds that are suitable for most content, these are called Starter Builds.

Their primary purpose is to help players who are new to the game and are just finding their way around, or it could be useful if you would prefer not to look up talent builds as a leveling tactic.

Look for the Talents Tab if you want to load a starter build. From the Loadout tab select the Starter Build option, before choosing your desired specialization.

This guide to leveling should help you navigate your way around and help shortcut your journey to that magic number 70 in your leveling up process.

There are bound to be points where you might struggle to make the expected progress as quickly as you want, especially when you encounter new quests and zones that are unfamiliar to you.

Boosting is a great way of enhancing your game experience and increasing your skills and knowledge of how best to play Dragonflight. With a bit of help, and your own efforts to conquer the various challenges, you should be able to get to level 70 as quickly as possible.




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