Walmart Proceeds With In-house Helper Drones

Miniature drone helpers are a staple in futuristic science fiction. The idea that small autonomous drones do all the work has always allured people since the 50s. These drones do the tasks that people just can’t be bothered with. Tasks such as carrying things, doing housework, or maybe even just monitoring an area. Humanity has always longed for that drone swarm technology that can make daily life a breeze.

Today, drones do just that. Still not in the same image as in fiction, but they are getting there. Drones of today can deliver food to your doorstep minutes after ordering. They are also starting to get the responsibility of transporting packages from post office to your home. Even more, these drones are entrusted with carrying lifesaving drugs to clinics. They do the work efficiently, with time being the biggest difference.

Walmart Drone Helpers:

At Walmart, a drone idea may be getting to the next level. Recently they filed a patent where drones act as shopping assistants. Now, they may soon start actually implementing the idea. Yes, soon you may just see autonomous drones helping you out personally while doing your purchasing. The interaction may be limited as of now however. You can’t simply tell them what you want. For one, you would need to fill out a preprogrammed list of items from the store. This can be done so using your own phone. Or if you do not have it, a tablet is available within the store itself. There you can input your grocery list, and the drone can start with its duties. When the data is entered, you can request drone assistance to guide you.

The drones will then (if ordered to) guide its user to the lane where their item is. No more will people wander aimlessly in large shopping malls, clearly lost. No longer would you have to find a staff member present in shopping malls to get assistance.

Imagine a store filled with busy bees following or leading on customers to their items. Wouldn’t that be something? This may just make shopping less of a chore and more of a fun experience.




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