Volafile: An Insane, Addictive Real-Time Chat and File Sharing Platform

What is Volafile?

Volafile, as the name suggests, is an online file sharing service where users can share their files in ‘rooms’. Each room has a chat where users can converse and view all files that have already been uploaded. Any file that has been newly uploaded will be automatically shown when you’re in the room.

Anybody can set up a room and upload their own Vola File. Whether it’s an image, spreadsheet, a song, or even just a video of you telling everyone to have a good day, you can upload it to your own room and it’ll stay there for a maximum of 2 days. After that time is up, your Vola File is gone. It’s a simple format, on a very clean site. No clutter, just files. You’d be pretty surprised with what you can find here on this temporary storage site.

Make a radio station

This one’s my favorite. Among all the Volafile rooms available, music rooms are awesome because anyone can upload songs, and the Radio button on the room will create a stream playlist of every track uploaded in the room. It’s great for discovering new music, and I’ve even found plenty of songs that I already like on there, uploaded by other users. That, along with similar music that has gone into my personal playlists thanks to the ability to download any Vola File.

New content constantly

The oldest files will move down the room over time, and out of view. This makes space for new files to be more easily accessed since they’ll be continually refreshed at the top of the page. There is the caveat of not being able to access older content as easily, but that’s just how Volafile works. If you want to catch them, it’s best to be there half a day earlier when they’re first posted. This is exactly what makes the website so addictive, with a consistent river of files available at any given time.

The chat

The left hand pane of each room has a chat room, free for anyone to use as they please. You can request files, see what song is playing on the Radio, or just have a good ol’ conversation with whoever else is around and bored or waiting for some new files to arrive. It’s just like any other messaging service, and most users are pretty friendly so there isn’t much to worry about safety-wise.

Few limitations

Volafile is designed for short term storage with ease and lack of hassle. This means you can upload files up to 20GB in size, completely anonymously, completely free. This, however, does attract some trolls every now and again, and plenty of Not Safe For Work (NSFW) content which you definitely shouldn’t click on if you don’t already know the meaning of that odd word you’re reading on the site. If the word looks made up, firstly all words are made up, and secondly just don’t click on it. They’ll all expire after 2 days anyway, just like your own files.

The Volafile novelty

Currently, Volafile is a relatively small site. It’s like one of those small unknown bands that you do know about – and as much as you want it to blow up and get more attention because they deserve it, you want it to just be your little thing that you enjoy. That’s the place where Volafile sits right now as a novelty.

If this site takes off, the likelihood of it becoming less of a safe service is increased, as more trolls will take advantage of the free format, but for now it’s in a good place. Therefore, I’d recommend anyone to check it out as soon as possible to come see what the fuss is all about.




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