Visual App Store Optimization Trends

There are various ways to up your game when it comes to growing your business, especially in this digital era. Marketing strategies and plans of action should be created with utmost consideration in order to stay relevant in a sea brimming with competitors. Companies that focus on application development are also in the same predicament. How do they mostly stay dominant in a volatile world of technological advancements?

The answer lies in a technique called app store optimization, which enables your app to be discovered by potential users in various application stores, such as the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. Aside from this, ASO also gives your application the opportunity to be seen by a huge variety of audiences, including those residing overseas. Through this, the chance of getting five-star reviews increases exponentially and prevents your application from being kicked out of the app store.

ASO trends of 2021

Changing with the times and being adaptable to what’s in is something that everyone chasing success should be adept in. Here are some of the visual app store optimization trends in 2021 that are effective in attracting a wide base of users, which in turn generates sales and revenue.

Icon design

Appearance isn’t everything, but it is indeed one of the deciding factors when it comes to app selection. The skill of using color schemes and palettes may be scoffed at by many, but expert app publishers utilize shades to their utmost capacities.

Some icon criteria subjected to users’ preferences and verdicts include:

  • Background color – Currently, minimalism is all the rage. This was proven by statistical analysis showing that the color white is the most preferred background shade in both established application stores. Bold hues are rarely used by publishers, and they would often resort to subdued colors like black, blue, or green.
  • Image on the icon – Another factor to consider is that the most popular applications only use simple icons to represent their brand. This makes it easier for users to retain the app information and appearance. This is mostly applicable to big-name brands which do not need any additional advertisement. However, it may be helpful for start-up publishers to put some text on the application logo to promote the brand.
  • Icon image color – Shade combinations can do so much to make an impact on users, and presently, white is the most dominant choice.

Screenshots design

Similar to the icon design, mobile apps should focus on minimalism and optimizing the color palette. Aside from this, app store optimization trends also include:

  • Device Presence – The device interface should be seen in the application screenshot, as it allows the user to see how the interface will show on his particular gadget.
  • Screenshot Format – There are two types of screenshot formats for publishers, vertical and horizontal. Most of the applications have a vertical presentation as they show three images at once on the results page. The horizontal one only shows one screenshot and is not enough for the necessary information. The number of screenshots is also relevant, and it is important to show what your app can offer through this media.
  • Additional Graphics – Screenshots also have an additional photo that can capture the user’s attention and may stimulate connection and positive reviews. Eighty-two percent of the application publishers utilizing app store optimization use extra images.

App Preview Video

This ASO trend is mostly used by game developers, as it enables them to show viewers a brief glimpse of how the game works. App publishers do not preview their applications and limit themselves to giving screenshot interfaces.

Here are the two design parameters used to evaluate the application in app stores:

  • Video Page Quantity vs Screenshot Pages
  • Sound, Video, and Text Scheme

Pick Up Tips from Top App Publishers

It is not wrong to learn and improve using established app publishers’ way. This will enable you to see what are the current fads to try when it comes to app store optimization. Here’s how they do it:

  • They employ a simple, minimalist design on their application logos, icon, and screenshots.
  • You can never go wrong with white. It is a top choice when it comes to images, backgrounds, and other aspects of design.
  • Take note that subdued colors are mostly used, except for red. Bright, bold shades like orange, yellow, and purple may only distract the viewers’ focus and may come off as too much for some.
  • Choose vertical screenshots over horizontal formats. This saves space and shows more of what your application’s features are.
  • Have a uniform appearance in all of your published applications. Following a pattern will help your brand be recognized sooner and have a more aesthetic vibe which is all the rage right now.
  • Rather than taking screenshots, editing images should be done. This is to ensure optimized personalization that shows all the app’s features that should be highlighted.
  • Do not fill the maximum number of screenshots; just adding five to seven images is enough.
  • Video previews are mostly used by game developers only, stick to screenshots.


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