Top-Notch Motorcycle Gadgets Every Enthusiast Should Have

If old-school riders in the past barely needed gadgets for their motorcycles, today’s drivers make great use of these devices to boost their riding experiences. Some of them are must-haves, so if you find yourself an avid lover, you shouldn’t miss them.

You may not see gadgets in old motorcycle movies very often, but that’s because the times then didn’t dispose of the needed resources to produce them. But the technology at this moment does, and the many handy and ingenious motorcycle gadgets on the market are clear proof of it. Many existing devices have revolutionized the motorcycle experience by not only making riding much safer but also funnier. Therefore, you can make use of numerous accessories and devices to enhance your riding safety, ease, and – ultimately – enjoyment.

One thing is for sure – gadgets of the likes mentioned below will make your life on the wheels much easier and get you out of a jam. Read on to find out what we’re talking about!

Motorcycle earplugs

No matter how pleasant, riding is also a noisy experience, so you must adequately protect yourself – and your ears. Fortunately, you can do so by using ear plugs specially designed to alleviate the noise of a motorcycle, estimated to reach a decibel level of about 65-115 dB. You might be thrilled by this sound at first, as well as the wind blowing through your hair, but it’s essential to acknowledge the risk of long-time exposure. Helmetless riding can lead to permanent hearing loss, as drivers are likely to experience noise about 10 times greater in this case than if they wore protective equipment. Even if you ride a motorcycle using proper helmets, you’re still prone to hearing problems. So, extra protection is needed, and luckily, it can be found in the form of earplugs. We know what you might be thinking – don’t these devices prevent you from hearing crucial sounds like ambulances, screeching tires, or a horn honking? Well, traditional earplugs might do, but high-tech devices don’t. Due to the advancement in technology today, you can find earplugs with the feature of filtering out unnecessary sounds from critical ones so that you can enjoy your riding experience while also being safe.

Cooling vest and helmet

Warming up on the motorcycle is one of the most prevalent problems as regards this experience. That’s because you must wear protective equipment like a vest and helmet. But these are often heavy, making you more prone to warm up during your riding. Sure, it’s not a pleasant sensation, especially in the summer or even now in November – if there’s an Indian summer ahead. However, you can kiss these high temperatures goodbye if you opt for a helmet and/or vest cooler. Such a device is designed to be both comfortable and protective against the excessive heat provoked by your motorcycle equipment. In the case of a helmet, the cooler simply attaches to it, maintaining the temperature normal and reducing the heat to a few degrees. In the case of a vest, you can place the device under it. The cooler usually comprises a fan and a water container, uniting their forces to provide the most riding comfort. As for the charging, some are battery-operated and others not, so you don’t have to worry about charging them. Anyway, choose something that suits your preferences and needs.

Waterproof phone holder

It goes without saying that every time you ride your motorcycle, you’re exposed to a lot of heat, dust, and water – and so are your gadgets. So, is there any method to protect your smartphone or tablet from rain and dust? Surprisingly, yes! You can make use of waterproof holders specially designed to keep your gadgets secure while also making them usable. They’re usually attached to the motorcycle’s handle and comprise a transparent cover, making navigating super easy. However, ensure you don’t use your phone excessively – or better said, don’t use it at all – while driving, as it can interfere with your driving focus. And once you’re unfocused, you’re more vulnerable to accidents. Road motorcycle crashes or collisions are common, so you should do everything you can to avoid them. Nevertheless, another driver can be at fault, too, so if you ever find yourself in this situation – we hope you’ll never do – ensure you take the necessary legal steps. A personal injury lawyer can greatly help you in this sense, aiming at receiving proper compensation for a motorcycling accident in the UK.

No drag backpack

Bearing a backpack while riding is nothing but a burden, particularly if you travel long-distance, not only as regards comfort and enjoyment but also aerodynamics. Well, if you’re heading beyond-the-horizon places, we heartily encourage you to get a backpack suited to your trip. You may consider a no-drag backpack, for example. Due to recent technological improvements, you can find such a gadget implying an aerodynamic exterior design that allows for considerable airflow while securing your belongings. Backpacks for motorcycle riders nowadays are quite promising, allowing for a comfortable yet practical design.

Insta360 camera

Last but not least – is the Insta360 camera. This is one of the most desired motorcycle gadgets of the year and for a good reason. If you’re a true enthusiast, we bet you’re looking for ways to record your most enticing rides because, well, they deserve to be caught on the camera and further shown to your kids, and nephews, and yeah, you’ve got it. Fortunately, you can do all that using the Insta360 camera and perhaps much more. Seeing you have a camera attached to your helmet, many drivers will simply avoid trouble and hence, reduce the risk of a road accident.

This gadget is also ideal if you start a motorcycle YouTube channel. You’d be surprised by the number of people interested in watching this kind of content and motorcycle beginners looking for advice. Well, recording your rides and making the footage public, along with your observations and impressions, will help others have a clearer idea of how magical the riding experience is.




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