The Best Wearable Gadgets Currently on the Market

The technological revolution of the 21st century has changed the world in a way not seen since the Industrial Revolution of the late 19th century. We now live in a world where we can watch television on our mobiles, something that seemed alien just ten years ago, can take pictures in the clearest of clarity, and will soon be able to play video games whilst wearing virtual reality headsets. It is a time where amazement happens on a near monthly basis.

Gadgets have been one of the biggest benefactors of this advance, whereas they once were a novelty they are now becoming a practical norm, an actual essential of everyday life. In fact, we can now actually wear our gadgets as part of our everyday get-up! Below are some of the best wearable gadgets currently on the market.

Rusty’s Wires Series


One of life’s biggest annoyances is losing your headphones, closely followed by having to untangle the flaming things. If you find yourself often falling into this horrible trap then you need to invest in a Rusty hoodie. A proud owner of a Rusty jacket will never have to worry about losing their headphones again. The thing comes with earphones attached in the hood. Simply attach your phone to the audio jack in the inside pocket and listen to your favourite Spotify playlist to your heart’s content or until your data runs out. As you would expect, the earphones are waterproof and hence machine washable. With various designs for both men and women not only is it a handy wearable gadget but it is actually a fashionable gadget as well.

Nike Hyperdunk +


The difference between being great and good at sport is all about the small things. Sporting superstars set themselves apart by fine tuning their game, meticulously going over everything and seeing where they can improve. For those who want to improve at basketball then purchasing a pair of Hyperdunks should be your port of call. The shoes allow the owner to monitor their speed, jump height and overall game performance through a plethora of sensors located in various locations on the shoe which transmit information to your smartphone via bluetooth. Hell, you can even record videos of your basketball plays on the more advanced trainers, epic plays can then be shared on social media as well as your stats. You need only train in these a few times before you notice an improvement in your game. Although Nike cannot promise to turn you into the next LeBron James – the best player in the NBA and a member of the Cleveland Cavaliers, who at the time of writing are 11/4 with the bookmakers for the NBA Championship, you will look pretty dope wearing them regardless.

BearTek Gloves


Those who find themselves quite often straddled to a motorbike or hurtling head first down a piste will know just how annoying it is not being able to answer the phone. Step forward BearTek Gloves which use the latest bluetooth technology to make digging in your pockets for your phone a thing of the past. The gloves, which connect to your phone in the same manner as any other bluetooth device, enable you to do various commands with a simple tap of the fingers. The sensors on the gloves allow you to turn your phone on and off, lock it, answer and decline calls, play, pause, skip, fast forward and rewind music. No longer will you have to dangerously search in your pocket in a futile attempt to stop you from having to listen to that Demi Lovato song that you downloaded by mistake.



Losing your wallet is a bane. It’s not quite like losing your life but it really isn’t far from it. Anyone who has lost their wallet can attest that we are not talking in hyperbole here. The iWallet is a game-changer in this regard, making it harder than ever for your wallet to get pinched. Not only does it come with a solid, metal casing, but it can only be opened via biometric access, think unlocking the new iPhones via your thumb. This may seem like slightly old hat but the bluetooth technology, which connects to your mobile included is brilliant – if the distance between your phone and iWallet is too large (a distance of around 10-15 feet) your phone will sound, informing you of a semi-successful robbery, which you can then foil, or that you have misplaced your personal effects. You hear about all these fancy cars that are made out of carbon fibre, well with an iWallet you can also rave about the innovative textile, much to the annoyance of your envious friends.

Swarovski Supreme USB Necklace


The unbridled rage that comes out of a poor soul looking for their USB stick is staggering. Actually, it is room clearing. Females that find themselves falling into that trap or men that have female affiliations that are too often looking for their USB, look to Swarovski. Simone Rossman’s rectangular Moonlight crystal design is one of sheer opulence as well as practicality. These are two things that usually go as well together as lobster and Skittles. Inside the necklace, which hangs on a rose gold-plated chain that measures 80 cm – is a hidden 8 GB USB key. Fashion has really never made so much sense! Swarovski have a whole range of USB necklaces that differ in price. Obviously the Supreme is towards the high end but you can easily pick up a piece that will suit your budget.

Apple Watch


Could you really do a piece about wearable technology and not mention the Apple Watch? Although sale figures are nowhere near what Apple wanted them to be at – sales have been reported to have dropped by as much as 90 percent since originally hitting stores. The watch is still one of the trendier wearable gadgets on the market. The watch allows wearers to not only tell the time, receive message notifications and dial out, but even allows users to game. A spinoff of the hugely popular Runescape RPG, Runeblade, was one of the very first games to be released on the mobile. Also, Apple are focusing heavily on health with the current iterations of the iPhone, and the watch is another benefactor of this positively healthy outlook. With models and pricing ranging drastically, the most expensive is over $100,000, you should be able to find the ideal watch to suit you.




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