The Top 3 Geek Jewelry Ideas for 2020

In the mainstream, fashion and geek culture are often seen as antithetical to each other. As the wearable tech revolution becomes mainstream, though, and DIYers rework fashion for a niche audience, this perception has begun to change.

Looking ahead to 2020, expect to see style intersect with smart, funny cultural touchstones, from fantasy and videogames to wearable chargers finessed to look like chunky bangles. Geek is going glam and everyone’s going to want a piece of it.

Oversized Style

Fall fashion shows previewed Spring/Summer 2020 trends and among the styles rocking the runway were oversized accessories – think oversized chains, heavy chokers, and large accent earrings everywhere. Best of all, these trends lend themselves well to geek culture. Match this chunky trend to your favorite classic game franchise with these fun pixelated jewelry styles in leather or paper. They’re definitely more affordable and lighter than the real thing.

Geek Engagements

Over the last few years, more couples have started to put a personal spin on their engagements and weddings, showing off their passions through themed photo shoots, custom dresses, and unique rings. Not all of these rings are new or explicitly themed, though. Instead, many couples are choosing vintage engagement rings that reflect a passion for history or channel the aesthetics of a particular character. Since vintage rings come in a variety of cuts, colors, and settings, there are plenty of choices no matter your interests.

For couples that do want to make a bolder statement with their rings, one practical way to do this is by ensconcing the engagement ring in a thematic box, such as a Pokeball or the Death Star. Many couples consider this combo to be the perfect blend of daily wear and whimsy.

High Fashion Wearables

Perhaps more than any other item, wearable technology may be the thing that defines the mainstream geek. Whether it’s the Apple Watch or the discreet and stylish Bellabeat, wearables are designed around form and function and the prices have been going down, putting them within reach of the average buyer. One of the simplest pieces, the NILS 2.0 wearable charging cable is fashion-forward, made from vegan leather, and costs just $9 on pre-sale.

Wearable manufacturers are also taking direct steps toward making wearables more aesthetically appealing. The Apple Watch comes in Rose Gold and can be paired with Hermes leather bands, and a segment of the wearables audience is primed for this shift toward luxury. Compared to many original consumers – the early-adopting geeks who are more interested in form, data, and how technology shapes the world – these buyers are largely luxury-driven.

While fashion shows continue to predominately show tech-free trends, we may be seeing the last of such shows. In the next few years, tech is more likely to be the starting point for designers, whether that means building AR-enhanced garments or pairing outfits with VR goggles. Entire fashion shows may move into the VR realm.

Geek chic is clearly moving from the sidelines to the center and it’s ready to take the stage.




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