The Rise of Mobile Gaming: Past Developments, Present Success, and Future Outlook

Mobile gaming continues to grow in popularity among smartphone and tablet users. This particular section of the gaming industry is relatively new. Before Android and iOS launched, games were available for mobile devices, but they weren’t that popular. Both operating systems made games more accessible and popular, though. Most people are surprised to learn just how big mobile gaming is becoming today.

A Look At The Past

Both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store launched in 2008. Mobile games existed in various form before that. For instance, early smartphones often came with simple games by default. Developers had created plenty of advanced games at that point, but they were difficult to distribute. Mobile games were sold at a higher price back then, though. Still, the industry didn’t really pick up until Google and Apple stepped in.

The Present Situation

The mobile gaming industry is now a multi-billion dollar behemoth. Millions of people play thousands of games that generate billions in revenue. At this point, most money-making games are free-to-play apps. Some developers have managed to pulled in great profits with paid mobile games nonetheless. Gaming on mobile platforms, especially tablets, is nearing the levels of console and PC gaming, a shocking development.

Certain types of games succeed more often than others. For instance, RPGs and MMOs pull in millions of dollars every week. Gambling and slot machine games are incredibly popular, too. The same applies to racing games and simple but quirky titles. With each passing week, hundreds of new mobile games are introduced to Google Play, the App Store, and other mobile app marketplaces.

What’s the future outlook for mobile gaming?

Fortunately, the rise of mobile gaming won’t stop anytime soon. Mobile games are expected to amass over $15 billion in profits for 2015. Plenty of analysts believe that number could eclipse $20 billion, though. In fact, consoles and PCs could lose their revenue crown to mobile games this year or next. That development would have elicited laughs even two years ago, but now it’s quite the real possibility.

Why are mobile games so successful?

Smartphone and tablet users love mobile games because they’re accessible and portable. Such games work as fantastic time-wasters throughout the day. However, such games are catering more and more to hardcore gamers. The graphics, performance, and capabilities of mobile games will improve in the coming months and years. Dedicated gaming tablets are a testament to how big this industry has become and where it’s likely headed.

Mobile Gaming Is For Everyone!

Nearly every American owns a smartphone, and ownership of these devices is increasing worldwide. For that reason, most people can access mobile games and enjoy themselves. Even frequent PC and console gamers find themselves accessing games on mobile. The industry is on an upward trajectory at a pace unseen in other industries these days.

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