The Most Famous Video Game Cheats

If you’re someone who likes to relax with a console controller in your hands, or at a desk with a keyboard and mouse, you’ve probably got some tricks up your sleeve to make sure everything goes your way… a.k.a, you know some cheats! And there’s a lot of them out there, but some are a little more famous than others… 

Video games have changed a lot since the invention of the first acknowledged video game in the 1950s. Nowadays we see better graphics, smoother controls, and a lot more controversial topics for kids to get into. But in a look back at our gaming past, and in the pursuit of that retro nostalgia, let’s take a look at a couple of the most famous video game cheats in the industry. They’re survived from the 80s into the modern era, there’s got to be something useful about them!

The Mortal Kombat Codes

These were put into the first Mortal Kombat games, taken out again for about another 6 or so titles, and then reinstated to really amp up the user experience once more. Whether you want to fight with handicaps or have unique skins put on your character, or you want to use a unique fatality, there’s guaranteed to be a sequence you can input at the title screen (or the loading screen) to make sure you achieve that dream!

The Konami Code

You won’t need to visit to remember this one! No famous cheats list would be complete with it either, seeing as the Konami code is something every middle schooler has chanted at one point in their life already. Usually first cited as being seen in the video game Contra, it’s been in most Konami games since then, and referenced in a lot of others.

The code itself can unlock all kinds of advantages for you, and from the comfort of the main menu, to make sure it’s a simple process you can kick off your gaming session with. From new game modes, harder (and easier) difficulties, to extra lives in its original iteration, the Konami code is a very useful sequence to have on hand.

So what’s the sequence? Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, and then you’re off!

God Mode

It’s a cheat code every knows exists, especially if you’re playing an RPG on a computer! If you’ve got the ability to open up the console, and tap in ‘tgm’, you’re going to be an indestructible character. But this cheat also works on some console games, particularly that of DOOM, with the right buttons sequences. You can then smash your way through hell without taking a single point of damage, perfect for that demon roleplaying experience!

Video game cheats have their own little cult following, and for good reason. Make sure you know the best and most useful to be sure your game time is never too messy or frustrating. You’re meant to have fun, so maximize your experience!




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