The Best Gadgets for the Weather Geeks and How They Contribute to the Community

Are you weather passionate and always follow climate changes? Do you check the credibility of the meteorology predictions by yourself? In the digital era world, you can turn your little hobby into a real passion. With the great development of technology, not only can you stay updated with the latest weather forecast but you can also be the one who predicts it. Let me show you the best weather gadgets that should help you become a weather master and can contribute to the community with their functionality.

Home weather station

According to Weather Station Advisor, this little device is packed with all the information you need to know in order to have a reliable weather forecast. It gives you full information about temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, wind speed and its direction, and precipitation amounts. Some brands offer you phone applications so you can easily connect with your home weather station. It’s a great, professional learning device for meteorology enthusiasts.


Have you ever dreamed about a little box of real snow or rain? Now it’s possible with a tempescope gadget! The little box is programmed to display the ambient physical temperature inside of the box. You can place it in your living room and enjoy watching visualisations of different weather conditions. Based on the Internet forecast, tempescope can reproduce tomorrow’s rain or sunset, or even storm. It not only keeps you updated but also has a great, unique home decoration.

Smart umbrellas

Admit, how many times you forgot to take your umbrella and got surprised by the weather. With this gadget, you have 100% assurance you won’t get soaking wet anymore. A smart umbrella is a smart device connected to your smartphone which tells you when it is going to rain. It’s empowered by environmental sensors that collect and update real-time data about the weather and share it with other smart umbrella owners. The gadget measures temperature, humidity, light and pressure to provide you with reliable information. A great function is a “don’t forget me” alert and inbuilt GPS, so you can easily track and go pick up your umbrella.

Tornado alert

In the scientific world, it’s called a breakthrough and described as “the world’s first personal lightning and tornado detector.” How does it work? Tornado alert device is programmed to constantly monitor real-time electrical activity. It measures tornado formation and tells you about the upcoming tornado, storm or severe weather within 30 miles radius of your location. It gives you an approximately half an hour warning, so you can make it back home safely on time.

The smart helmet

Speaking about weather predictions. If you know the forecast is bad and you want to secure yourself, it’s good to purchase a smart helmet. It’s a helpful investment especially when you commute by bike or scooter. It increases safety during rush hours on the road but also helps a lot during bad weather conditions. Imagine it’s raining cats and dogs and you barely see the road. Lumos smart helmet is illuminated and outfitted with turn signals in both the front and rear so you can see better, and you are much more visible for the drivers. Moreover, it’s also water-resistant, which can help to survive unexpected rain. Probably the most important of all functions is the automatic SOS option. Your smart helmet will send an alert to the emergency contact when it detects impact with the ground. It can be a real lifesaver for pro skiers or snowboarders with no connection in the mountains.

Outdoor weather camera

This is undoubtedly one of the greatest gadgets for weather geeks. Weather station webcam gives you the opportunity to track the local climate better. It’s made with solid, water-resistance material in order to survive any bad weather conditions. You are provided with reliable information about weather conditions even if you are not at home. Moreover, having an outdoor weather camera is a great security addition to your weather tracking station. It has a quick data transfer, sharp image and night vision, so you are provided with information 24/7.

The bottom line

With the development of technology, you can find plenty of different gadgets to track weather conditions. It’s definitely a great opportunity to increase your meteorology interests and more. Some of the weather gadgets can also contribute to the community. First of all, they are really cool educational kits for young scientists. Second, a reliable weather forecast is essential for all the gardeners to keep to be able to take care of the plants properly and prevent eventual weather damages. Last but not least – community your safety. With all the weather gadgets pointed above, you can significantly increase your and other people’s security. With the weather tracking devices, you are able to warn your fellows from upcoming weather anomalies and make them stay safe and sound. 




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