The Art of Accessorising

Fashion is a funny thing, it changes like the wind and sometimes it’s difficult to keep up with new trends and concepts. Fashion accessories are also important as they complement the outfit, and if you’re somewhat at a loss regarding accessories, here are some ideas to inspire you.

Don’t Overdo It

While it might be tempting to add bracelets here or perhaps a couple of rings, too much can often be overbearing, so go with quality rather than quantity, and the subtle touch says a lot more in the fashion world. If you are about to be married, and want it to be something to treasure forever, there are men’s wedding bands in Sydney that are both stylish and durable, and ideal for the outdoor man.


Jewellery comes in many forms and currently the trend is a small and stylish, so rings and necklaces shouldn’t be too chunky. For the fashion conscious man, there is a wide range of wedding bands which can be found at that are made from tungsten carbide, one of the most durable metals there is. The range of designs means there is something to suit every man, and with worldwide shipping, they are available to all.


Most men prefer to wear a belt, even if the trousers are a perfect fit, as this accessory really can make a statement. Jeans go well with rugged leather belts, while the executive would prefer something classic, with a nice buckle. For business wear, a belt is a must have item, and if you want to be able to mix and match, perhaps have 3 or 4 belts, and there will always be one that is just right.


Footwear very much defines a person, and formal occasions demand something stylish, while comfort is more important for outdoor activities. The fashion conscious man of today would have no less than half a dozen pairs of shoes, for a range of different occasions. According to research, the shoes are the second thing a person notices when meeting someone, so make sure yours are stylish, and clean.

Second Opinion

If you are uncertain how the outfit looks, ask a friend for their honest opinion. Accessories can put an entirely new slant on any outfit, so don’t be afraid to experiment. If there is no one available to comment, stand in front of a full length mirror, and try to be impartial about what you see. Notice how much the accessories stand out, if at all, and also look at the color, as it could be the case that the item is right, but not the color.

Keep Things Simple

Resist the urge to over accessorize, as you could end up looking like a Christmas tree. Rings and bracelets should not stand out too much, yet should be visible, and by using the right materials and colors, you can add some depth to the look. The small things do count in fashion, and if you can accessorize, it is half the battle.




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