Swiss Army Flash Drives by Victorinox

Swiss-Army-Flash-DrivesGrowing up, one of my favorite “toy” was the Swiss Army knife, not only was it super cool but it had all the tools one needs for camping trips or spending time in the tree-house and it’s also used by adults.  If you’re not into knives/tools but still think the Swiss Army knife is cool, we have a perfect gadget for you, the Victorinox Swiss Army Flash Drive.

These cool USB sticks don’t come with any knives, cork screws, or little scissors but instead house a flash drive stick inside while still retaining the classic knife look.  The Swiss Army flash drives are water proof, shock resistant, and feature data encryption; you can’t get your data any more secure than that.

These cool USB sticks come in 4 GB to 128 GB sizes and in a variety of colors and come in single or double blade options.  They’re priced from $39.99 for the smallest capacity to $349.99 for the largest capacity flash drives at or Swiss Knife Shop.





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