Subjects We Could All Know More About

It’s no secret that the American education system leaves something to be desired. If you are a right-brained person, you tend to be interested in creative things. One the other hand, left-brained people are more technical. We all gravitate towards different subjects, but our schooling should do a better job of cultivating the part of the brain we don’t naturally use. Whether you’re an artist or an engineer, there are a few subjects that all of us could know more about. Below are subjects we could all know better.


Chemistry is quite possibly the most practical subject in the sciences, yet it is least studied. Biochemistry isn’t often taken as a high school or undergraduate course. If you want to learn more about the subject, you could take an online biochemistry course. This is a great way to expand your understanding. Chemistry is applicable for many jobs. People in all fields work with chemicals. It is always helpful to know how to keep people safe, understand molecules, and learn what happens when you combine them. Chemistry is underrated.


People talk about history a lot, but most people’s understanding of it is pretty shallow. History courses in our schools don’t do a great job of looking at the events of history without bias. History is written by the winners, but we all need to dig a little deeper to find out the truth within the context of the time.

Furthermore, world history is often ignored. We can learn everything about human civilization, its successes, and its failures if you only learn about the United States and Europe. There is no shortage of things to learn about history and if we make a more earnest effort to really understand it we can create a better world in the future and avoid making the same mistakes people in the past made.


One thing that became abundantly clear as the COVID-19 pandemic swept across the world is that people don’t have a solid understanding of biology. Not only is it an incredibly important subject, but we can also learn how to better our lives and make ourselves healthier. Human biology is one thing, and the rest of the field is another. Biology is integral to health and knowing what to do when crises like a virus impacts humanity. Whoever you are and whatever you are interested in, biology is vitally important.


Engineering is a multi-faceted and complex field. It includes mathematics, physics, technology, and much more. Even if you are an engineer, there are parts of the field you probably know nothing about. Not only can learning more about engineering positively impact our society in the way of technology, but it can also enable us to make more efficient cities and build better buildings. 

Technological engineering is becoming one of the most fundamental aspects of modern society. There is no divorcing us from it. Don’t resist it. Learn more about engineering and your life will improve. In primary and high school, there isn’t much effort to teach it. Luckily, there are many online resources and apps to learn more.


If you’re not already a book nerd, you probably don’t know much about literature. This is a shame. It isn’t just one of the great art forms, literature can teach so much about ourselves, our societies, and our world. It can teach emotional intelligence and creativity. Literature improves the imagination. A lot of people have short attention spans these days and therefore have a hard time picking up a book and reading for an extended period. Still, there is a book for everyone. Make the effort to finish one!

There are plenty of subjects that we could all learn more about. It depends on who you are, what you are interested in, and what your training is, but if you make the effort to learn more, you will make your life better. Whether you want to make more money, find a new hobby, or work towards a more fulfilled life, there are plenty of ways to do this. Learning more about these subjects can do it. Take a class, read a book, ask an expert, do some research, and, most importantly, put in the effort. Your life will only get better. 




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