Social Media Marketing Do’s and Don’ts

A solid social media marketing campaign can bring in a lot of new customers and greatly increase your company’s public profile. However, if the marketing campaign is executed poorly, then you can actually hurt your sales and lose customers. If your campaign is going to be a success, there are a few things you want to be sure to do and a few you should definitely avoid. 

Do Get a Second Opinion

A major social media campaign can make or break a company, so it is important to take things slowly during the planning stages and not rush the campaign onto the internet. Take time to look over your campaign materials carefully and then run it all by someone else to get a second opinion. The value of letting someone else see your work first before the rest of the internet does is that mistakes can be caught early on. If there is something that might be offensive in the materials or there are typos or factual errors, a second person may be able to spot those better. That alternate perspective can be invaluable for your campaign and your business.

Whether you are on the marketing team or you are the business owner, make sure another pair of eyes sees the campaign content before it is released publicly. 

Don’t Follow Trends Blindly

Just because several recent social media campaigns follow the same kind of method, that doesn’t mean it would be right for you as well. Your business may be different from theirs, and you want to set the right tone and ensure that you appeal to your target audience. Trends can be helpful and can inform some of your choices, but your ad campaign can come off as tone deaf and tired from the start if you hit the wrong notes with it by following a hot trend blindly. 

Do Hit As Many Platforms as Possible

Your campaign should be consistent across every platform it is released on, and it should be released on as many platforms as you can get it out on. Make sure that the campaign is well suited to the format of each campaign, since TikTok content needs to be different from Instagram or even YouTube content. Make the campaign for your target audience and potential new customers, but also make it for the platform it is going to be released on. Make sure your marketing plan takes into account the differences between each platform and format your materials accordingly.  

Don’t Go Over Your Budget

Paul who does marketing for Imagine Maids Service says Be aware of how much you are spending on your social media marketing. Some of the social media platforms have advertising payment plans that are automatically designed to renew at the end of the payment period. If you only plan to release your campaign for a short period of time, make sure that recurring payments are only set up to occur during that period. 

Figure out what your marketing budget is for this campaign ahead of time, and then stick to that. Make sure your estimates take into account current pricing plans for each social media platform as well as the cost of the format you want to use. Plan your available finances and the time period for your campaign to maximize your campaign’s potential to reach the most people in the shortest amount of time or to reach your target audience very effectively.

Do Pay Attention to the Timing

Many social media marketing campaigns have failed because of timing alone. The content was great, the message was right, and the target audience was well-targeted, but the timing was off. In times of national or international tragedy, consider holding off on your campaign or reevaluating your campaign to ensure that it is not going to offend anyone thinking about the tragedy. 

The timing of your campaign could coincide with a shopping season or a holiday. It may be best to put your campaign together and then release it at the right time, even if that is months away. Better to wait for the sweet spot of timing than to release it when the campaign will fall flat or will offend. 

Don’t Keep Repeating Yourself

Your campaign can be brilliant and appealing to your customers at first and then feel tired and irritating after a few weeks. No customer wants to see the same ad over and over again for weeks on end. You may need to prepare a few different ads to air over the campaign’s duration so that you are not annoying your customers. 

Pay attention to the ad as it is released and see how often the same ads show up. Consider how your customers might feel to see those ads so often and consider adding in new ads throughout the campaign to mix things up. In order to produce new marketing material partway through your campaign, you may need to go into crunch mode. Take time off from other projects and leave the housework to skilled professionals instead of trying to get all the chores done yourself. Give yourself the needed time to create the materials for your campaign so it can be a success rather than something that your customer base remembers with loathing and disgust. 

Do Capitalize on a Successful Campaign

What do you have in mind for reaping the rewards of your social media marketing plan? If your ads really take off and sales increase dramatically, are you ready to meet customer demand? Or will you be overwhelmed by the influx of customers and end up disappointing many of them?

Make sure you have enough products ready and enough people on hand to help with the renewed interest in your business. You may even want new products to offer customers as they start to hear about your business more during the campaign. Keep in mind what your customers may want and be prepared to meet their needs during and after the ad campaign. 




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