Smart Gadgets to Help Improve Posture

Modern life is bad for us – bad for our bodies, that is. Almost every household has a computer, with many owning mobile devices that encourage us to hunch our shoulders, bend our back, and generally achieve a posture that is not only unattractive but also harmful. Fortunately, for gadget lovers, there are a few tools that a person worried about their posture can use to correct it.

Sitting up straight

First, let us examine the benefits of good posture. The first benefit is an emotional one. People who stand up straight automatically feel more confident and look better, and they therefore project a more positive image of themselves onto others. Research also suggests that people who have improved their posture feel more powerful and less anxious about matters.

The second benefit is the reduction of back pain. Slouching when working at a desk and in front of a computer is common, and many people experience neck and shoulder aches and lower back pain as a result. Slouching puts stress on the spine and constricts nerves and blood vessels. Because sitting up straight uses the middle of our bodies, it strengthens our core and can actually assist in losing weight. Good posture can also help us to breathe properly, improve brain functions and mood, and reduce stress levels. With all these benefits, who would not want to improve their posture?

The only problem is that we humans are lazy creatures, and it is very easy to not notice just how badly our bodies are aligned when we are busy or doing something so familiar that we no longer pay any attention to how we sit. This is why the majority of us need a little help to improve our posture – help in the form of tools and smart gadgets, such as the Royal Posture, as seen on TV. This is an aid that effectively acts as a brace, but it is far more comfortable than traditional braces because it is made out of fabric. Designed to be worn underneath clothing, the Royal Posture system gently pulls your shoulders back to their proper position and aligns your spine. While the brace system is comfortable to wear, you are still aware of its presence, so it acts as a reminder not to slouch. Over time, good posture will become a habit and you will achieve it naturally.

A reminder tool can be key to posture success, and the Arki provides this. The Arki is a wearable band – rather like a wristwatch – that analyzes the way you walk and gives you instructions on how you should be walking. Another smart gadget that provides a reminder rather than actually changing your posture is the iPosture, a small circular device that is clipped to an item of your clothing and alerts you whenever your body begins to slouch. If you slouch for 60 seconds, the iPosture buzzes and reminds you to sit up straight.

A great device for office workers who spend most of their time sitting at a computer is the Darma Smart Cushion. This is an app-enabled cushion that you sit on. It analyzes your seated position and how long you customarily sit for, but it also measures your heart and respiration rate, stress levels, and posture to give you an overview of how your body is functioning. It also provides reminders for you to stand up and correct your posture.

There is also a posture-correcting gadget for people who spend a lot of time in the car. PostureMD is a vertical block made of comfortable foam that is placed against the car seat, or indeed any chair, and against which you lean. Gel packs help to massage pressure points, and the rigid positioning ensures that you sit in a natural posture.

The LUMOback Posture Sensor offers another mobile solution. Designed to fit around the waist like a belt, the in-built sensor offers real-time data regarding your posture, letting you know when your body is slouching, and vibrating to remind you to correct your spinal alignment. Lastly, there is Pilar, a smart gadget that connects via Bluetooth to your tablet and offers customized programs that will help you strengthen your back area.

Of course, all these gadgets must be used and followed correctly in order to achieve lasting results, but they offer a chance for you to be good to yourself. Use these smart gadgets to aid you in achieving ideal spinal alignment to the benefit of your mental and physical health.




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