Should You Worry About Surveillance Drones?

Drones are becoming more and more available in today’s market. Plenty of companies, private and public, are now starting to use them for their daily tasks. Security for instance has often relied on wall-mounted cameras and patrols to do the job. Today’s newer companies however try a less subtle approach – one that covers more ground with a better vantage point. It is only natural to think about where this could possibly lead. Today’s private security drones can be tomorrow’s public surveillance drones.

Surveillance: Fiction or Future?

The combination of flight, high-definition cameras, and autonomy can mesh into the perfect, fictional dystopian surveillance device for the ominous ‘Big Brother’.

Even today, drones have been accused of spying on other people’s homes. While these cases are sporadic and individualized, the idea remains true. While it is impossible to check the motives of every drone owner, proper regulations can still prevent issues like this from happening. Drone registrations, as well as licenses linking each drone to their owner, can help prevent misuse of these flying devices.

A Brighter Tone

While these fears on surveillance and privacy are reasonable, it should not be a deterrent for drone use. Drones have a vast number of roles in society today. Firefighters use drones to scout burning buildings before they manually enter the premises. They can even use drones to release nets in times of trouble. Police use these flying cameras in order to keep security, as well as spot trouble from afar. Search and Rescue units can use drones to view a large area from above, making it easier to find missing persons cases.

Yes, the idea of a flying camera controlled remotely can be used for nefarious means. Surveillance will inevitably be a hot topic. However, plenty of examples show that they can also be used for the good of society. Fears will always arise with new technology, but under the right hands and the behind proper regulations, drones can be an excellent solution for a variety of issues.




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