RPG Resurgence: Why Role-Playing Games are Taking Hold

Whether you’re into real-time action or turn-based strategy games, 2023 has been an excellent year for the world of RPGs and possibly one of the best years for quality game releases this past decade. Now that the year is nearing its end, clear fan favorites have emerged, like Sea of Stars and Baldur’s Gate 3, both dominating headlines and the gaming market. There’s truly been no shortage of quality games to delve into.

So, what’s behind this ongoing success? What is it about these games that make players tick? We’ll explore the appeal behind the popularity of RPG games in 2023.

The Allure of Fantasy

Some of the most successful RPGs follow a fantastical storyline, transporting players to a faraway universe filled with magic, missions, and creatures. It’s in this ability to assimilate a customizable character and enter this universe that lies a lot of the appeal for gamers: escapism. The first step is the most crucial: creating a name and backstory so that you can assume an identity within the game and start playing.

Whether they use their household name or get creative with their own fantasy names, it’s like gamers assume a different persona when they hop on their favorite game. You can’t use magic or slay dragons in the real world (unfortunately), so why not jump into an immersive, fantastical world where you can? And even then, what specialization does your character have, and what is their motivation?

A Thematic Touch

Along the lines of fantasy, the theme of the gaming experience within these games appeals to the inner child of gamers who once idolized their heroes. You could be in the office from nine to five every day, but when you immerse yourself in a well-made RPG, you can become the protagonist of your own fantasy story.

Completing epic quests, rescuing civilians, and beating up bad guys, the narrative that these games facilitate entices their communities. Fantasy TV shows and films have a similar effect, but RPGs offer individualistic control over a character’s fate that just cannot be replicated by other forms of media.

Highlights of 2023

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With another glorious year for gaming, there are a few highlights that are worth a mention – and definitely worth a play.

The long-awaited Hogwarts Legacy did not disappoint the Potter-heads of the world, who were able to make their own journey in the wizarding world, casting spells and customizing playthroughs.

The previously mentioned Baldur’s Gate 3 was also somewhat of a standout. Stemming from the world of Dungeons and Dragons, this RPG was a welcome spin-off filled with fellowship, survival, and the quest for ultimate power. This game managed to survive and deliver on the hype that awaited its release – a feat worth mentioning in the competitive world of gaming.

The Future of RPGs

While they are by no means brand new, the RPG genre has seen a recent rise to the top of the list, and it shows no sign of slowing down. Combining rich narratives, immersive gameplay, and awesome action sequences, it seems that the formula is nigh perfect for these games. With many more exciting releases in store for us in the near future, the future looks bright for the avid role-playing gamers out there.

As we await the next installments, there’s no shortage of epic, released games to dive into. Get comfy, grab your console of choice, and relish all the appeal of the magical world of RPGs.




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