How to rock your next webinar

Businesses of all sizes use webinars to present a new idea, product or service or to update the business’s brand. So many users expect a webinar training or presentation as part of the buying decision process that unprepared businesses appear stodgy and slow-moving. In a recent comparison of available webinar programs, ClickWebinar came to our attention. It’s easy to use and provides many custom features that make the presenter look very smart. What’s more, it’s simple to record the meeting in entirety, communicate with others in more than fifty languages, and privately chat with individuals during the presentation.

Here are just some of the ways to use the program at your next webinar:

Rebrand a product or business

Prospective and existing clients of a business expect engaging graphics, and your business (even if it’s only you right now) can make a great first impression with the right tools. A global launch, customer training, or rebranding of a product or service doesn’t require a major investment!

Webinar services that enable the presenter to add a corporate or product logo to various rooms is a subtle, low-cost way to infuse the presentation with meaning. Not all programs offer this feature.

Learn more about prospects and customers

Today’s best webinar services enable the business to extract useful information about individuals or company representatives in attendance. Cutting edge webinar services offer data that can increase business productivity. Learn where the attendee is from, of course, and determine his or her preferences with ease.

And, if you like, it’s no problem to chat with a single webinar attendee without interrupting the flow of the presentation for all the others. Of course, the presented wants to present moderated questions and answers in an organized way.

Older webinar software

If you’ve ever attended a webinar in which the presented didn’t have control of the screen, or individuals were required to upload complicated software before attending, today’s latest software simplifies the webinar presentation from start to finish.

Don’t put up with these older programs. Many were launched years and years ago and, according to our surveys, haven’t kept up with the times.

What webinar presenters need today

Here are just a few features you must have now:

  • Desktop/Browser Sharing, for complete ease in showing the attendee how to use any feature. Some of the best new services have a drawing tool built in, so it’s possible to make your mark as an extraordinary trainer and service provider!
  • Conduct Attendee Polls during the presentation as a way to interact and engage users.
  • Simple Security Features help users login with a single secure passcode.
  • Ability to Record the Meeting for later analysis of what worked well or what didn’t.
  • Schedule a Future Meeting or Begin an Instant Meeting with one click.
  • Multi-Browser Functionality, to reduce worries about how the meeting appears to users in Explorer, Chrome, etc. Don’t accept programs that require users to download software to their computer. This is an immediate turn-off for many users who might otherwise want to buy your product or service. This fact also reduces the need for any last-minute technical support!
  • A program offering a Mobile app will also simplify users’ ability to attend the webinar. Make sure yours offers the option of attending the webinar via mobile device.


Buyers, sellers, prospects and clients expect to use technology in the transaction of business. Make the right impression with easy to use (“user friendly”) webinar service. Don’t confuse or complicate a great presentation with a difficult interface or overly complicated instructions on the webinar provider’s FAQs page.  Test each webinar program thoroughly to familiarize yourself with its functions and features to avoid making a bad impression during the presentation.

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