It’s Quite Quiet In Here! Quality Sleep With Bose Noise-Masking Sleepbuds

Bose is quite a familiar name in North America and are well-known for their quality products.  Bose has reached out to the world of crowd funding to get feedback on their latest gadget which also happens to be their smallest product to date. Bose makes some of the best noise-cancelling earphones out there but these are a little different. The Bose Sleepbuds are very compact, comfortable to sleep with all night, and assist in getting you a full night of sleep.

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The Sleepbuds offer a number of soothing sounds to help you sleep which include sounds of nature and other various familiar sounds. The sounds are divided in two categories, for noise masking and sounds for relaxation. Depending on the sound you select and volume, most bedroom noises can be completely inaudible. All the settings for the Sleepbuds can be adjusted via an App which needs to be downloaded.

The package will include the Bose Sleepbuds, a charging/storage case, three different sizes of eartips, wall charger with USB cable, and a travel pouch. The App also has an optional alarm clock setting just in case you can’t wake up. In the App, you set the volume, type of sounds, and the duration. Each charge is good for two nights of sleep. The crowd funding campaign was limited in terms of how many units they wanted to distribute. Unfortunately, it’s all sold out! Indiegogo backers will have their product in February of 2018. Once Bose has feedback from these backers, they’ll make changes if necessary and release the product to the public in the later part of 2018.




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