never run out of juice again with the QBracelet

Ideally, bracelets are meant for beauty, hence made to give an aesthetic appeal that suits the target users. With new technology, everything is slowly turning into something else. In the recent years, you could have seen bracelets that transforms into rulers, sunglasses, others filled with additional ammo for your gun as well as those can be used as a flask. Innovations mean more integration to make the pieces more useful and give you the convenience that you need. However, nothing shows that the jewel carries more than a common jewelry other than for improved elegance.

The most recent version is the QBracelet that doubles as a power bank as it can give your phone extended life. The power bank is a great device but it fails to give you the convenience you need. In most cases, your jewel becomes a part of your life, hence likely to be on your wrist most of the times. On the other external gadgets like power banks is not part of your closet, hence likely to forget when you need one.

You do not have to switch off your mobile device to save on power while you can recharge the battery from your wrist. It is an excellent way to stay online without the need of a charger, or even electricity connection. While it is made to help, you charge on the go, the designers did not neglect the need for a stunning appeal that looks fashionable on the wrist. It could easily confuse for a high-end bracelet, other than for the fact that it is filled with the 1000 mAh battery, capable of giving 50% of charge to your phone.

It takes about two hours to fully charge the device, hence suitable for emergency shutdowns. It comes with a power plug that shows up when you unclasp the gadget. You only need to charge it before you leave.




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