Winner Winner KFC Dinner: PUBG x KFC Unite in a Finger-Lickin’ Battle Royale!

The highly-anticipated collaboration between PUBG: Battlegrounds and KFC is finally here! This sizzling collaboration will be available from October 11 to November 7 on PC and from October 19 to November 15 on console. For a limited time, you’re in for finger-licking-good KFC-themed in-game treasures and even spot KFC restaurants.

During the event, virtual KFC paradises are scattered across the map, complete with tantalizing items at the kiosks. Hunt for the coveted KFC Chicken Box, savor some virtual KFC French Fries and rejuvenate with a sip of the KFC Energy Drink. Not only will your taste buds be tantalized, but your in-game health will also get a boost.

Beyond the screen, Krafton and KFC are cooking up a collaboration menu, making it easy to enjoy the PUBG experience in-game and during everyday adventures. Get ready to munch, frag, and conquer, all while embracing the delectable essence of PUBG x KFC. Don’t miss out on this epic blend of gaming and gastronomy!

Visit KFC Stores in PUBG

PUBG Battlegrounds KFC Taste Victory

Starting October 11th, you’re in for a treat as you’ll find KFC restaurants scattered across the Erangel map, replacing gas stations. Visit the kiosk and score yourself a combo box filled with delectable items. Besides that, billboards, decorations, and transport plane banners in various maps will be decked out in KFC themes to immerse you further in this epic partnership.

Additionally, Miramar, Nusa, and Livik maps will feature KFC restaurants, adding an extra layer of adventure. And for some lucky players in select countries, the PUBG experience isn’t confined to the virtual realm. KFC is rolling out the “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner Box”, a real-world meal inspired by PUBG’s famous victory phrase.

Inside the Winner Winner Chicken Dinner Box, you’ll find KFC’s iconic Zinger Tower Box, juicy Kentucky Boneless Chicken, and even a game coupon, all dressed up in PUBG style. Redeem the coupon code to unlock exclusive in-game items like outfits, parachutes, and sprays on PC and consoles.

The Winner Winner Chicken Dinner Box is available at selected KFC stores from October 5th to November 6th, but keep an eye out for variations in the sales period and menu composition by each country.

The Chicken Winnin’ Spin

PUBG Battlegrounds KFC Winner Winner KFC Dinner

One of the most thrilling features of this collaboration is the Chicken Winnin’ Spin, where players can spend their UC to spin the wheel and snag epic KFC-themed treasures. An array of exclusive items are up for grabs, including KFC tokens, the KFC Chicken Champ Set, the stylish Royale Delight Backpack, the KFC Chicken Champ Cover, and the grand prize – the KFC Royale Colonel Set.

To dive into the Chicken Winnin’ Spin action, you’ll need UC (Unknown Cash) in your PUBG wallet. A single draw costs 10 UC, but if you’re feeling lucky, go all-in with 10 simultaneous draws for 270 UC. It’s a game of chance, and UC is your ticket to the tastiest loot. Keep in mind this delightful draw is a limited-time event, so time is of the essence. Stock up on UC, increase your odds, and seize those delectable KFC-themed goodies before the event wraps up.

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Get your UC, spin to win, and savor the taste of victory! Don’t miss out on the PUBG x KFC collaboration!




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